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Bioparc Fuengirola

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Tel: 952 666 301

Avda. Camilo José Cela, Fuengirola. 5 minutes from the bus station and train station.

Daily from 10.00 am. Closing times vary with season.

Zoos aren't what they used to be, fortunately. You won't find miserable animals pacing up and down shoebox cages, clinging to solitary branches or paddling around in sad puddles at Bioparc Fuengirola - Fuengirola's  visitor and animal-friendly zoo. Instead, as you wander through this simulated tropical forest, lush with vegetation, rivers and waterfalls, you'll see crocodiles basking on the sandy shores of the Nile, Sumatra tigers bathing besides Angkor Wat, lemurs playing around an ancient Baobab tree and, if you're brave, bats flitting around abandoned mines. There is a "Claro de Selva", where you can see birds and mammals living in their own natural habitat. Two tours made daily - mornings and afternoons.

Visitors are stepping inside a true documentary of the deepest tropical woodlands. Lowland Gorillas, Sumatran Tigers, Borneo Orangutans, Pygmy Hippopotamus or Malayan Tapirs are some of its inhabitants. Look down at the Forest Floor and you'll spot meerkats, giant snails and river hogs. Look up in the Forest Canopy and you'll see gibbons and hornbills and rainbow loris monkeys. Wherever you look in this pioneer Bioparc, the only thing between you and the animals are natural barriers like bridges and riverbanks, or bulletproof windows that allow you to get right up close, even to razor-sharp crocodile teeth.

Enjoy watching the wild animals at Bioparc Fuengirola ©Bioparc
Enjoy watching the wild animals at Bioparc Fuengirola

Perhaps the greatest innovation, though, is the "moonlight visit". Throughout July and August the Bioparc stays open until 1.00 am allowing visitors to observe the more nocturnally-active species, such as leopards, flying foxes and porcupines. The forest paths are lit with artificial moonlight and the air filled with a piped forest soundtrack, all adding to the Disney-theme park feel to the place. Finally, you can round off your twilight or midnight jungle trip by enjoying a meal in one of the Bioparc's themed restaurants.

Extra fun for the kids is provided, with a large play area, including a miniature farm. And there are absolutely no problems for those with disabilities as the Bioparc grounds are mostly flat, and free from all architectural barriers.


Tickets for Biopark Fuengirola

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Tickets available at the Bioparc box office, hotels, travel agencies, and the Portillo bus terminals.
General One day admission 23.50€
Child (3 to 9 yrs) One day admission  13.15€
Senior (65 yrs and over) One day admission  14.50€

Additionially an expert guide may be hired, speaking Spanish, Englsh or Russian. Cost from 40€.