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The beach in Fuengirola starts at the Hotel IPV Beatriz Palace. © andalucia.com
The beach in Fuengirola starts at the Hotel IPV Beatriz Palace.

Beaches in Fuengirola

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Fuengirola is famous for its seven kilometre (5 mile) stretch of sandy beach, beginning at the Sohail Castle to the west (at the Beatriz Spa Hotel) and ending at Torreblanca to the east. The promenade is officially called Paseo Maritimo Rey de España. (Promenade).

All along the beach and the sea front, you will find every kind of water sports and seaside amenity. The watersports areas are segregated from the bathers, head for the Marina office if you want to book a motorboat, waterski or parasail. The paseo maritimo is wide and extensive, reflecting the town's growth in importance during that time. Front line hotels and apartment blocks are prime locations for the perfect Mediterranean beach holiday.

All along the beach, there are excellent 'chiringuitos' (beach bars / restaurants), where fresh fish and seafood is usually the star of the menu, even though most places also cater to the first time visitor to Spain who prefers plainer fare, such as chicken and chips. Other restaurants, representing foods around the world. There are also plenty of small mini-markets and news agents along the sea front selling toys, beach items, gifts, books, and drinks.

In high season (June to September) the whole length of the beach has 'hamacas' (beach beds) and parasols for hire at daily charge of around 12 euros (for two beach beds and 1 parasol). There is usually a sign up on the beach, with the price clearly marked. 


The main sections of beach in Fuengirola from west to east are:

El Ejido / El Castillo (Near Sohail Castle)

This is the beach at the far end of Fuengirola (west) is in sight of the impressive Beatriz Palace Spa Hotel, whose beautiful beach bar has the privileged position of opening out on to beach and the wonderful expanse of blue Mediterranean. You will see the new suspension bridge spanning the river (on your left coming from Malaga) - easily spotted from the main road and right at the turn off for the beach.

You can reach this beach by car from Malaga, taking the last exit for Fuengirola off the A7 (formerly the N340) at the Castle and park right next to the beach or beside the river. Although everywhere is busy in high season, at any other time there is usually parking space available in the area and this beach is also accessible by local bus. Because this is one of the furthest points from the town centre, it is often quieter than other beaches. Thanks to the castle and its fortifications dominating the area, there is also an absence of the otherwise ubiquitous tall modern buildings that line the rest of the sea front. There are very good beach bars and restaurants in this area. .

This beach is historically a popular beach with locals as well as foreign holidaymakers and is almost one kilometre long and also very wide. There is also a first aid point. A section of Playa Castillo has been authorised a dog beach. 

Santa Amalia

From the centre of Fuengirola, take Calle Marconi off the main road, Condes de San Isidro, right opposite the old Town Hall building. Now follow the street straight down to the sea. This beach is about 1.5 kilometres in length, very central and has many restaurants, bars, hotels, apartments, and shops all close at hand. There is also a first aid point and easy access on the beach by neat lines. There are many places to hire pedal boats, jet-skis, and there are children's play areas where the smallest members of the family can have fun. The beach bars in this area are excellent. It is worth trying to the "pescaito frito"' (fried fish) and the traditional "espeto" (fresh, grilled sardines on a skewer over an open fire on the beach), an Andalucian summer tradition).

Since this beach is so central, it is also an area where some of the clubs and dance bars are located. No doubt, during the day as you relax on the beach or stroll along the sea front you will be offered tokens for free entry or complimentary drink to many of these clubs and trendy bars. This is a good way to get to know what's on once the sun is down.

San Francisco

After the Santa Amalia beach is a shorter section (just over 300 metres) known as San Francisco beach. It has all the amenities you would expect from a central beach area. As with the other Fuengirola beaches, during the summer months it can be very crowded, while at other times of the year, it can be the perfect place for a peaceful day on the beach, or a stroll along the shore. It is very close to bars, restaurants and shops.

The Port

Between San Francisco and Los Boliches beach is the Fuengirola Port - a hive of activity for local fishermen on one side and a modern marina for sailing enthusiasts on the other. The excellent restaurants, bars and clubs in the marina, make it a very popular place to eat out and meet friends.

Los Boliches

Coming from Malaga on the A-7 take the Fuengirola / Los Boliches turn-off and go as far as the Plaza de San Rafael and then continue down to the sea front. There is also a local train station at Los Boliches (coming from Malaga), which is about a 10-minute walk from the beach. Los Boliches is a district of Fuengirola

This is one of the most popular beaches in Fuengirola, with all the amenities you would expect of a busy resort, especially during the busy seasons of Easter, July and August. The beach has plenty of public showers, beach beds, parasols, water sports, and children's areas.

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag on several occasions. It is also one of the widest areas of the beach and has easy access from the sea front right to the water's edge with lines of wooden decking which is easy to walk on - especially when the sand is scorching hot. Couples, families and young people all enjoy coming to this beach, with its very wide range of facilities at hand. For those who prefer staying active instead of simply soaking up the sun, there are volleyball nets on this beach and a Red Cross lifesaving post is also close by, beside the mouth of the river. Parking on the sea front road or one of the side roads can be very difficult in the summer months due to the popularity of this beach.

Las Gaviotas

This is the most central beach area of Fuengirola and it has many amenities close at hand. Travelling by car, come in from the A7 from Malaga. Take the Los Boliches/Fuengirola turn off and head down towards the sea.

Old watch towers are dotted along the coast. © andalucia.com
Old watch towers are dotted along the coast.

In the busy summer months, parking on the sea front or roads nearby is very difficult, but there are several underground parking buildings within easy walking distance. There are public showers, toilets, sun beds, children's play areas, boat hire, restaurants, bars, and hotels all in the area. There is also a safety lookout point and the area is manned by life guards. This is a very long and wide stretch of beach (approximately two kilometres long by 60 metres wide) and is very popular with the multitude of foreign visitors, many of whom are British and who enjoy spending their holiday on these well-kept area with such fine amenities.

The bars and restaurants in this area have an excellent reputation for quality and service. There are also many opportunities to try out jet skis, sailing, and pedal boats. This is a great family beach, which can be very crowded in July and August.


Come off the main A7 at the Fuengirola / Los Boliches turn-off or come along the old coast road from Benalmadena and at the Torreblanca roundabout. Now take a left down to the sea front. There is also a train station at Torreblanca if you are coming from Malaga, from which you can walk down the hill to the beach. Torreblanca is a district of Fuengirola.

This beach is on the border of the municipality of Fuengirola with that of neighbouring Benalamadena. Due to its position on the limits of the town; it tends to be quieter than the more centrally located beaches. However, it is still well-serviced with all the amenities you could want. It is normally possible to find a parking space near the beach, except during the high season (July and August) when this becomes quite a task. There are public showers and toilets, a look-out point and life-saving post, sun beds and parasols for hire, nearby kiosks for cold drinks and snacks, and many excellent bars and restaurants. There is also plenty of hotel and apartment accommodation in this area. On this one kilometre stretch of beach, there are also many different ways to have fun like jet skis, windsurfing, fishing (which is not allowed from the shoreline in high season) and kayaking. Many people prefer this beach to the more central ones. It offers some tranquillity while still having all the important facilities close at hand.

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