Districts of Fuengirola

Like all towns of its dimensions, Fuengirola has commonly known districts, which are handy as landmarks and reference when getting around:


El Centro

The heart of the centre of Fuengirola is the Plaza de la Constitución More >

Los Boliches

Los Boliches is the seafront area to the eastern side of Fuengirola centre. More >

Los Pacos

On the outskirts of Fuengirola and Los Boliches, the Los Pacos neighbourhood has grown. More >


On the hill on the side furthest east of Fuengirola is the neighbourhood of Torreblanca. More >

Pueblo Lopez

Surprisingly picturesque little residential community between El Boquetillo neighbourhood and the town centre. More >

El Boquetillo

Avenida de Mijas, forms the spine of the northern part of Fuengirola More >


Carvajal is Fuengirola's most easterly district which overlaps into coastal Benalmadena. More >