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Fuengirola Districts - Torreblanca

CARVAJAL - Districts of Fuengirola

Carvajal is Fuengirola's most easterly district which overlaps into Benalmadena. It is mostly known for the Carvajal beach and public promenade which runs the entire length of the district. There is a train station here on the Fuengirola to Malaga cercanias line.

Carvajas is really a narrow strip of coastline strip of coastline where the steep hills come down to the coast. It is essentially on the sea side of the railway line and mostly on the sea side of the coast road. The road used to be the very busy main N-340 coast road before the motorway was completed in the early 1990's. Nowadays the traffic is local traffic and planter area and roundabouts have be added.

Whereas Torreblanca next door has been developed on the hillside above the railway line, with the exception of one or two completed units this has not happened in Carvajal. It is planned for the future and infrastructure is partly in place.

The western boundary with Torreblanca is at Arroyo de Zaragoza. Calle Sierra Nevada does lead up as a short cut from the Carvajal railway station up to the A-7 motorway junction km 127 near Restaurant El Higuerón.