Fuengirola - El Boquetillo District

 EL BOQUETILLO District of Fuengirola 

The Avenida de Mijas, forms the spine of the northern end of Fuengirola, connecting the centre of the town with the top of the A-7 (old N-340) coastal highway. Approximately half way up this long road, on the right hand side, is an indoor market for fresh food and vegetables. This is the heart of the neighbourhood knows as El Boquetillo. This is a lively local neighbourhood with a strong community spirit, kept alive by the presence of the fresh food market and the many shops both on the main Avenida de Mijas as well as on the small roads leading off it.

For a few days around the 24th June, the streets behind the market are closed off and the whole area becomes a lively street fair to celebrate the fiesta of San Juan. There is live music, dancing and merry-go-rounds and other rides are set up for the children. The many little bars and restaurants round about stay open until much later than usual and the place is a hive of activity. There is a spectacular fireworks display at midnight on the 23rd, which sets the activities off with quite a bang. There are many tall buildings around this area and since the people are unlikely to get any sleep during these days of noisy celebration, neighbours from all around usually give in and join the proceedings from one of the terrace cafes while sipping on a glass of wine or a chilled beer.

Just behind El Boquetillo neighbourhood is the newly expanded municipal sports centre, Campo Municipal Elola.