Mijas Beaches

Mijas Costa offers some great beaches to enjoy, jump in the car and see for yourself! © andalucia.com
Mijas Costa offers some great beaches to enjoy, jump in the car and see for yourself!

Mijas Costa - Beaches

Mijas Costa beaches from West to East, continuing on from Marbella beaches ( Playa Artola

A villa on the beach could not be more of an ideal option when going on holiday. Have a look at our page on beach villas in Mijas Costa for more information. 

Playa Calahonda

This is the longest of the Mijas Costa beaches at over 4,500 meters long and about 25 meters wide. Since it is right at the foot of the large Sitio de Calahonda urbanization, it is a very popular beach, with ramp access, many beach bars and lots of activity, but it also has some quieter corners for those who prefer a bit of piece and quiet. This beach is perfect for the whole family and caters for sunbathers, scuba divers and fishermen alike. Playa Calahonda has full facilities such as signage, disables access, litter bins, showers, foot washing, toilets, subvbeds, it has It is a fairly straight line beach with light sand and plenty of beach beds and parasols for rent and a good choice of lively beach bars for refreshment and entertainment. The west end of the beach is wider and straighter and quieter, nothing to do with it actually being in Marbella municipal district, the beach terminates with Cabo Pino Marina. The east end of the beach finishes at the headland on which sits the Torre Calahonda watchtower. Names of smaller beaches withing Calahonde are Luna, Royal, ans Alhamar.

Playa Lucera

Located between the Calahonda headland and the small stream. The popular Doña Lola club is located here and so is the Playa de la Lucera Hotel.

Playa Riviera

Quieter beach, great atmosphere with plenty of beach bars serving good food. public toilets are available. Located next to Urbanizacion Riviera del Sol. Restaurant Max beach is located here.



El Cabo Rocoso

This rocky beach is clearly defined by the ancient watchtower which marks natural border between Calahonda and La Cala de Mijas. The beach is next to the Playa Marina urban complex and it is somewhat quieter than the other Mijas Costa beaches, probably due to the rocks at the water's edge. This is a very pleasant beach for morning walks all year round and is also frequented by those who like to snorkel or go underwater swimming and surfing. As well as the hire of such watersports equipment, there are beachbeds for hire and there is a kiosk selling snacks and drinks. El Oceano Beach hotel and Reastaurant is located here. The coastal path boardwalk continues. There are no beach facilities.

Three beaches make up La Cala de Mijas. these are Playa El Bomba, Playa Butibamba, Playa La Cala de Mijas.

EL Bombo

This 600 metre-long 30m wide beach is wide and curves round slightly into a large bay. El Bombo beach western end is a small (135-metre) rocky cliff which is ideal for scuba, snorkeling and underwater swimming. You can hire sunbeds and there is a beach bar for snacks and drinks. playa El Bombo as an urban beach has full facilities.


Along from La Cala Beach is Butiplaya (sometimes referred to as Torrevieja Beach) at 35 meters wide and over 1,500 meters in length. Its orientation is southwest and, like La Cala, Butiplaya has lifeguards during the summer months. This is a safe beach and is in a semi-urban area, where there are usually holidaymakers or residents around during the whole year. This beach is ocasionally awarded the Blue Flag, for its high level of cleanliness and good facilities. There are showers all along the beach, as well as public toilets and changing facilities. The beach is accessible to the disabled and there is a parking area reserved for beach goers.

The usual beach beds and sunshades are available for rent, as well as lots of fun watersports from the humble 'pedalo' to the more exciting marine activities.

Playa La Cala de Mijas

This 35 metre wide and almost 2,000 metre long beach, with south and south-west orientation. It is a lovely semi-urban beach in summer and winter alike, with a delightful promenade and plenty of good beach bars and restaurants. La Cala de Mijas has a village feel about it. The beach used to be called Cala de Moral. There is always parking somewhere. The Torre de La Cala fort adds interst.

There are beachbeds and parasols for hire, public toilets and changing facilities available, and showers at various points along the beach, as well as numerous public telephones.

In the summer period there is a lifeguard service and the beach is accessible to the disabled. There is plenty of parking, but it can sometimes become difficult and congested at the peak of the high season in July and especially August. The hire of watersports gear is in abundance in summer, but less evident in from the end of October to Easter, when the beach is quieter. However, a warm December day sees many Christmas holidaymakers and residents soaking up the pleasant sunshine after a fine turkey lunch!

Playa del Chaparal / playa naturista de Playamarina

East of LA Cala de Mijas ther is a headland and the small beach in the rocks is called Las Doradas. In the next sandy cove oposite Urb Playa Marina is Playa del Chaparal. It is about 300m long and hidden from the road, which is a good thing as this beach was selected by Mijas town hall as their Playa Naturista (Nudist beach). A large blue sign by the road declaires the nature of the beach. it is now called Playa Naturista de Playamarina.  It is actually a nice spot and a good place for snorkelling. There as a friendly beach bar which serves food and rents the sunbeds down on the beach. There is parking on the other side of the busy coast road and a footbridge to cross over.   


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El Faro

At the Calaburra point, El Faro beach has two steep rock face areas and over 1,000 meters stretch of sandy beach. You can see most of the beach from the main road. It is popular with underwater swimming enthusiasts. There is a beach bar and sun beds for hire. This is also a favourite beach for people who like to fish from the shore and you will often see the long fishing rods set up late into the night and tents set up for an all night vigil, ensuring a fresh fish breakfast. Like other beaches in along Mijas Costa, this one is kept as clean as possible with regular collection from the litter bins.

EL CHARCÓN / Playa de la Campana 

This quiet 940 metre stretch of beach where you can hire a beach bed to enjoy a quiet corner of sun is just to the east of El Faro. There are litter bins, with regular collection, but it is always appreciated if you take away as much rubbish as you can to keep up the high standards of cleanliness. The beach is sandy and is south facing.

Playa Peñon del Cura / PLaya mare nostrom 

This is a rugged, rocky part of the coastline and leads into the El Faro beach to the west. It is 195 meters long and is a very popular area for scuba divers and underwater swimming. The conditions are excellent for this type of sport, but it is always advisable to take safety precautions, using the correct apparatus and never swimming alone. The beach is well maintained and kept clean by regular rubbish collection from the litter bins available.

El Egido / playa del CASTILLO

The beach which meets up with the mouth of the river Fuengirola (below the castle Sohail) is the Egido Beach. It is 300 meters long, with safe swimming conditions, a beach bar and the hire of beach beds. There are litter bins and the beach is kept clean and tidy by the Mijas Town Hall authorities.

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