Playa Artola

Eastern end of Playa Artola looking toward Cabopino
Eastern end of Playa Artola looking toward Cabopino

La Chapas is the next Marbella beach to the west.


Playa Artola  /  PLAYa DE LAS DUNAS - CARIB

Playa Artola  is the beach situated to the west of Cabopino Marina. This is  on a promenant part of the coast called Punta Ladrones. One assumes ladrones (robbers) prefered to come ashore on promentaries rather than inlets. A very early partly restored square plan watch tower bears testiment to this and is also called Torre Ladrones watch tower.  For those interested in the watchtowers that form a chain along this this coast, the square based ones are the oldest and of Moorish origin, the round bsed ones were constructed in the nineteenth century. 


Playa Artola is a unique beach in Marbella. It is the only beach in Marbella that is not backed by an urbanization, this makes it one of the most attractive beaches in the area. Construction is prohibited on this site because it is home to the Dunas de Artola (sand dunes) which are protected as a natural monument. Those enjowing the dunes and the beach should thank a group of local residents who managed to keep the constructors at bey, even during the excess years of the 1900's and 2000's.

The beach has been recognised for its cleaniless and excellent facilities and it is generally awarded a Blue Flag. The award actually only applies to the est end of the beach towards the Cabo Pino Marina which is where the life-guard and first aid point are located. 

To access this beach exit the A7 coast road at the Cabopino junction, drive towards CaboPino port and before here turn right and park with the other cars on the scrub land close to the pines. There is  road down to a very small car park near the watch tower, so if it is summer save yourself the bother of turning round and park near the trees. 

On the other side of the coast road is Camping Cabo Pino and als Cabo Pino Golf Course

This beach is also a naturist (nudist) beach, particularly at the west end. the central section is mixed and the centre and the east section near the port is for textiles.

Until about year 2006 cars used to drive on a sort of track through the dunes and park and get stuck in the sand over looking the beach. A consession to the official protection was a ban on the cars and the eviction of Andy's Chiringuito to a new location on the fine wide beach close to the Cabopino Harbour wall and next to Chiringuito La Lonja which can also be accessed from the Cabo Pino Marina where there are countless restaurant and bars to choose from as well as Appartments to stay.    

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