La Venus beach Marbella

La Venus beach is also known as Playa el Fuerte as it is situated right next to the Fuerte Hotel © Sophie Carefull
La Venus beach is also known as Playa el Fuerte as it is situated right next to the Fuerte Hotel.

Playa El Faro is the next Marbella beach to the west.

Playa La Venus

La Venus beach, named after the bronze statue placed there in 1972 (now at Playa El Faro), is also known as Playa el Fuerte named after the Fuerte (Castle) and later the Fuerte Hotel opened in 1956.

It is another relatively small beach, at just 400m x  50m wide. The beach sits between the Puerto Deportivo (to the west) and the Represa River bed (to the east). Its continuation eastwards id Playa Bajadilla where an arteficial breakwater remains.

This is a family beach, it has become very popular as it has children's play area close by. It also has access to a wide variety of watersports. This beach is backed by the Paseo Maritimo and so is very busy, especially during the summer. This is the beach closest to the centre of Marbella and can be thought of the the Marbella's town beach. 

There is little parking at La Venus beach but it fills up quickly especially during busy summer periods. There are ample facilities at this beach, including restaurants, WC´s, showers, sun loungers, parasols, a public telephone and life guard surveillance in summer.

Its great facilities and high standards of cleanliness it is usually recognised with a Blue Flag award. Since the tradgedy when there Turkish students on holiday drowned in April 2015 we are reminded that out of sason, there can be strong currents on this and other Marbella beaches. There are also no coloured flag warnings out of season. If in doubt you will find the Playa El Faro to the wast is more sheltered.

Venus of Marbella

In 1972 a sculpture of the Roman Goddess Venus on a water-ski was installed facing west on one of the jetties in front of Fuerte hotel by the then Mayor Francisco Canto. The work was by artist Francisco Fernández Burgos, a sculptor from Granada. The statue was placed on a large concrete support with a impressive water feature that represented the spray of the water ski on the sea. It was also iluminated at night. The bronze was seen as a symbol of modernity for Marbella at the time.

When the jetty was removed in the early 1990s, the Venus was relocated to the to decorate the Paseo Maritimo on a similar but less impressive water feature mount, infront of the tourist office behind Playa el Faro (west of the Puerto Deportivo). In 2022 following the reconstruction of a small jetty on Playa del Faro, as part of a beach erosion protection measure, the statue was restored and mounted here this time facing east looking towards the old town.

Playa Bajadilla is the next Marbella beach to the east.  


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