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New Friends Await You in Andalucia
New Friends Await You in Andalucia.

Teen correspondent, Sean Finan shares his recipe for a successful summer holiday in Andalucia for those in the under-20 crowd. He says there is hope for those teenagers who have been dragged along to Spain by their parents - a fun and memorable time can indeed be had!

Teenagers in Andalucia

Are you going to be missing out on a summer at home with all your friends? Have you been dragged down to the Costa del Sol by your parents against your own will? Well, with just a little determination, you can turn a major drag into a summer vacation you will be able to boast about to your friends back home.

Alright, the parents have rented an apartment for the summer in, let's say, Estepona. This apartment must only be your "base" for the summer where you'll spend as little time as possible. As soon as you arrive, you'll immediately see what a great vacation your parents are going to have - loads of restaurants, cafes, plenty of monuments for them to gawk at, and beaches full of half-naked oldies turning themselves pink with the sun.

But the million euros question is, "What's in this holiday for you?"

Well, all I can say is that the holiday will only be as good as you make it. It takes just three words to describe the lifestyle of most Spanish youngsters - "Completely Laid Back". For example, if you see a group of Spanish kids playing football, don't be shy, just go and introduce yourself and ask them if they wouldn't mind you joining in. In most cases, you will have just made friends. And if you don't speak Spanish, it's not a problem. In Spanish schools, English is almost always a subject and most Spanish teenagers you will find will be very eager to practice their English with you.

Now, you're probably already thinking (especially if you've come from Britain), "Whoever wrote this is crazy! As if I could just go up to a bunch of people I don't even know and ask them if I can play football with them." Well, let me tell you something, it really is as easy as that. In most cases they will be more than happy to let you join them. Just remember those three words, "Completely Laid Back", and you'll be alright. And by the way, the game of football was just an example; their attitude's the same with everything.



Another example of the Spanish being really laid back is the fact that they have celebrations of all sorts going on all the time. Now, they'll tell you that they're celebrating some Spanish saint but I can guarantee you that most of them are just using it as an excuse for a day off work! I must admit though, some of the celebrations are really cool to watch. Find out more about some of them by clicking here.

Every summer, a local Estepona teenager's cafe, The Tolone, organises a big event on the beach to give an opportunity to any youngsters to show off any talents they have. A stage is set up for musical performances, poetry readings, dancing, art and photographic displays.

An event like this is the perfect opportunity to get a real inside view of the Spanish kids' culture. There won't be a trace of violence, aggression or abuse. What you'll find are easy going high school and college students heading down to the beach to chill out and have a good time. Join them and you'll find a whole different culture to your own, a whole different lifestyle, and one where there's nothing wrong with staying out until the middle of the night with you friends. Allow yourself to adapt for the summer and you will be going home with a whole new experience of another world.

No matter where you are, there'll always be a tourist information centre close by, where you can enquire about when the celebrations or any big events will take place. While you're at it, ask about any fun places to go for a day out.

All over Andalucia there are plenty of amazingly fun theme parks, water parks, safari parks etc. These are all great ways for the whole family to have a fun day out and also a great chance to meet new people and make new friends your own age of all different nationalities. Click here for more information on these parks and more. The best thing is that if you do plan a day out at one of these places, it's highly unlikely the weather will let you down!