Jardin de Las Aguilas Benalmadena


Jardin de Las Aguilas (Garden of the Eagles)

By Dee McMath

The Jardin de las Aguilas (‘garden of the eagles’) is a wonderful Birds of Prey Centre clearly signposted from Benalmádena pueblo.

In this fabulous zoological garden overlooking the Mediterranean at 250m above sea level, you can see the majestic raptors spread their wings in flight under the supervision of multi-lingual expert handlers. There are displays throughout the day, giving each of the 160+ birds a turn. Among the stars is Yaku, a rare condor; you can also see owls, falcons, hawks, kites, vultures and eagles. If there are chicks, you can sometimes hold them in a basket.

The centre is dedicated to raising and protecting many different species of birds of prey. The experience of seeing these magnificent birds in flight is enhanced by the medieval atmosphere of the nearby Castillo de Colomares (Colomares Castle), which is a must to visit the same day and an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Opening hours: October - April: 1 - 5pm, May - August: 1 - 8pm, September: 1 - 6pm. Shows at 1pm and 5pm (1pm only in winter).

Tickets: Adults 6 euros, children 5 euros (included in cable car ticket).

Tel : 670 55 31 14

Address: Monte Calamorro, Benalmadena