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Benalmadena port, shopping, dancing and alfresco dining by moonlight. © Michelle Chaplow
Benalmadena port, shopping, dancing and alfresco dining by moonlight

Benalmadena Hostals & Hostels

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Benalmadena is a coastal resort on the popular Costa del Sol with great accessibility from Malaga Airport (19km) and a short drive from popular destinations like Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola. The town is made up of two main parts, the busier Benalmadena on the coast and the more authentic Benalmadena pueblo or old town as it is also known.

benalmadena costa

This is where you will find high rise buildings, the beaches and a more lively night scene. Many restaurants, bars and shops have set up here to cater for the large quantities of tourists who visit in search of beach and sun.

benalmadena pueblo

Also known as the old town and a short drive inland, this part encompasses a more authentic spanish feel with tradition style buildings and cobbled streets. Modern high rise apartments have since been erected around the old town, however their addition has not taken away from the character of this part of Benalmadena.

Hostals and Hostels definition

A HOSTAL (also know as a guest house) provides basic accommodation at a reasonable price and a private room. These are common in Spain and not hard to find, with many occupying a floor of an apartment block as opposed to a stand alone building. Rooms don't all come with en-suite facilities, however guests will usually have the option of this.

A HOSTEL in Spain is that which you would expect to find in most parts of the world - the opportunity to stay in shared dorms at a low price. These are often social hubs among travelers, with common rooms and, at times, cheap bars making them excellent places to meet new people or find another travel companion. Many hostels also have private rooms available, as well as dorms.

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