Marbella - Parks & Gardens

Explore the public gardens of Marbella.
Explore the public gardens of Marbella.

Parks & Gardens in Marbella

Nagueles Park Parque de la Constitucion
A natural park located right at the foot of the Sierra Blanca mountain. more> This large park is especially tranquil and was once the garden of a private residence. more>
La Alameda King Fahiad Gardens
The plaza in the centre of Marbella where people often arrange to meet. more> Over looking the golden mile below the Saudi Arabian kings house. The white 'sword of Arabia'. more>
Parque de las Medranas El Calvario
This park features a large lake, those feeling energetic enough can practice their water skiing. more> This unique park was designed around the rock garden theme by landscape architect Miguel Angel Vico. more>


Parque de los Tres Jardines

Parque de los Tres Jardines is located in the low lying flood plains of the River Guadaliza to the east of San Pedro. More >