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See and Do in Marbella

© Michelle Chaplow Beautiful sights of Marbella
Beautiful sights of Marbella

Things to See and Do in Marbella

Things to see and do in Marbella. There are plenty of things to see and do in Marbella. Activities such as sport, shopping, markets, art galleries, restaurants, nightlife, beach clubs, day trips and excursions. There are also a attractions such as the old town, Alameda, Puerto Banus, parks and gardens, Roman baths and Roman villa.

Guided tours in Marbella include dolphins trips, walking tours, hiking tours, olive oil tasting and more.

More visitors rent cars in Spain than any other European country. Car rental in Spain is the least expensive in Europe due to the strong competition and on the Costa del Sol car rental is no… More →

Andalucia is one of Europe’s foremost golfing destinations, with over 100 courses. Guaranteed warm temperatures all year round, endless hours of sunshine, and a spectacular variety of courses with… More →

As a popular holiday destination it is no surpirse that Marbella is teeming with restaurants, in Marbella you can find anything from Latin American to Morrocan to Oriental cuisine as well as the… More →

Puerto Banus is located in the Nueva Andalucia suburb of Marbella, 6km to the west of the town centre, just before you reach the small town of San Pedro de Alcantara. Although it may at first… More →

Shopping in Marbella. Info about Fashion, Jewelry, Markets, Department Stores and Shopping Centres.

See below a selection of excellent group excursions from Costa del Sol with Viator, perfect opportunities to see the major attractions in Andalucia without the hassle of having to organise it… More →

This theme park is located in Elviria district, 12 km east of Marbella town (A-7 km 191). It is the largest adventure park in Andalucia. There are 99 challenges in the trees and 26 ziplines… More →

There are plenty of opportunities in Marbella for walking and hiking. Thes are both in the town's parks and gardens or along the seafront prom. Further affield hiking up the concha mountain is a… More →

In Marbella at various points along the beach you can find a number of fishing boats filled with sand which are used for moragas. A moraga is a night-time barbeque party, usually held on the beach… More →

Marbella has a family friendly tren turistico (tourist train) that runs all year round. It travels around the principal sights of the town taking about 25 minutes.

Every Spanish town has at least one weekly market, if not more, and the towns in the area of Marbella are no exception. From ecological produce, to antiques and handmade gifts, you will find them… More →

Marbella is well known as the favourite destination in Andalucia amongst the international jet-set crowd and the very rich and famous. Often referred to as Spain’s equivalent of Saint-Tropez, the… More →

Sports in Marbella. A round up of some of the many sports that are popular in Marbella.This includes tennis, padel tennis, SUP, football, walking and hiking, boot camps, Sports centres, Marbella… More →

Being a coastal town on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is certainly not short of beaches. Marbella has it all: beaches for familes, couples, friends and singles alike. Marbella beaches include some… More →

Marbella offers a range of contemporary art galleries and museums to visit, such as The Municipal Gallery, The Contemporary Engraving Museum, Cero Arte Gallery, the House of Art and more.

The Paseo Maritimo (seafront promenade) is ideal to experience and join the Spanish in the traditional "paseo". Flanked by pavement cafes, restaurants, this promenade is one of the most attractive… More →

Museo Grabados, Marbella is s also known as Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engravings. This building was formerly the residential palace of the Mayor, Don Alonso de Bazán who donated it to the… More →

Marbella Municipal Art Gallery is a relatively small space, though it always has a wide selection of work by local artist collections include paintings, sculptures, and ceramics all year long.… More →

Marbella is famous throughout the world for its glitzy image and glamorous night life. Many of the exclusive venues are located in Puerto Banus and on the Golden Mile. many visitors who come to… More →

The ancient site at Rio Verde was once part of the great Roman city of Cilniana. It now houses the remains of a late 1st century AD Roman villa. Sadly all that is left is the floor and a small… More →

Marbella boasts a wide variety of sights from the natural panorama of the Concha mountains and black sandy beaches of El Faro, to the Art and Architecture of the Neo Moorish Mosque. Not forgetting… More →

In Marbella there are several parks where you can practice sports, have a pleasant walk or enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural environment.

If you are visiting Marbella and are interesting in exploring the surrounding countrysid, hire a car. If you are flying to Málaga Airport or Gibraltar Airport you can hire on arrival or prebook… More →

Book activities in or near Marbella

Book activities in or near Marbella