Traditional Festivals in Marbella

MARBELLa  Traditional Festivals

Marbella, whilst a modern and cospopoliton resort town still has numerous cultural and social events going in addition to important festivals and fairs that take place around the same time each year. Here is a look at Marbella's main traditional festivals.


Tradition 5th January evening prosession in the town by the three kings.


The people of Marbella  put their hearts into their annual carnival celebrations, filling the streets with all kinds of amazing costumes, performances and carnival-style songs called "comparsas" and "chirigotas". Read more about Carnivals in Estepona and Carnivals in Andalucia

Holy Week - Semana Santa

The Spanish Semana Santa processions in Marbella are worth turning out to see. Numerous Catholic Brotherhoods in the town actively prepare for the Easter celebrations throughout the year.  Read more about Holy week in Andalucia.

Romeria Cruz de Juanar

This local pilgrimage, romería or procession to the Cruz de Juanar traditionally takes place on May 13th,

Arte Sano Festival

Arte Sano is an alternative festival held in Nueva Alcantara, San Pedro Alcantara on the last weekend in July. More about Arte Sano Festival.

Noche de San Juan

Marbella is very enthusiastic when it comes to San Juan festivals. Expect the entire town to participate and numerous effigies to be burned throughout the different neighbourhoods and on the beaches. More about Noche de San Juan in Andalucia.

Annual Summer Fair (Feria)

Every year at the beginning of June, Marbella pays homage to its patron saint San Bernabé (Saint Bernard or Barnabus) with a week long fair. The Marbella féria includes all the traditional elements of an Andalusian fair: food, drink, dancing, entertainment and of course, the trademark "casetas" that are set up just for the fair.  More about Summer Feria de San Bernabé

There are  several other Ferias in the Marbella districts during the year, none as important as San Bernabé however worth a visit if you are in Marbella on these dates.

Feria de San Pedro   in the neighbouring town (actually Marbella district)  of San Pedro. This in mid October around the 19th and is the last summer feria in Andalucia.  It often rains this week. More about San Pedro Feria

Feria La Campana  in the village of La Campana in Nueva Andalucia a small but friendly local feria takes place.  It is traditionally at the last weekend in July starting in the Friday evening with the alumbrado (turning on the lights) followed by the pregón (an opening speech by celebrated author or artist) and followed by the crowning of the Reinas (Feria Queens). Also called Feria de Nueva Andalucia. In 2022 moved to the new feria ground at Finca la Caridad, in the Guadaliza district of the town.

Feria Las Chapas   in the residential district of Elviria the first weekend in August. This freria has changed is date and location a few times of recent years, so do check. 

Feria El Angel  in the district of Nueva Andalucia called Colonia El Angel whose origins were the 19C iron foundries. Takes place about last weekend of September of first weekend of October.

El Ingenio  the summer fair that took place in El Ingenio district of San Pedro appears to have been discontinued in favour of its Virgin del Carmen Feria in July.

Virgen del Carmen

The annual Virgen del Carmen (16th July) celebrations are organised by fishermen as she is their patron saint. This brings great multitudes of people to the seaside to see images of the Virgen del Carmen paraded from land into the sea. This is also an important fair for the small district of El Ingenio in San Pedro.  More about  Virgin del Carmen in Andalucia.


On the 1 November, less important than previous years, is the fiesta del Tostón, a tradition visit to the countryside by families and friends to roast chestnuts. Young people often head their the night before and camp.

Music Festivals and Charity Galas

The summer in Marbella holds the Starlite Festival and Charity Galas. More info in our Marbella Nightlife section. 


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