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The Marbella town flag flying high © Michelle Chaplow
The Marbella town flag flying high

by Catherine Cunningham

If you’re lucky enough to live in Marbella, people are generally intrigued and impressed when you tell them, especially those you meet abroad.

Marbella is a world-class destination with a certain cachet, offering amazing Spanish and international Michelin-starred cuisine, fabulous beaches and an enviable climate. You can choose the jetsetting glamorous lifestyle with a property to match - a spacious, well-located apartment in the centre of this exclusive resort town, a deluxe serviced villa just outside, or a more rural dwelling tucked away in the mountains, offering greater privacy.

Many properties in Marbella have views either to the Mediterranean or the majestic backdrop of La Concha mountain. Spectacular sea views, sophisticated city panoramas and lush Mediterranean gardens await those who make their home, whether permanent or temporary, in this vibrant town, ideally located on Andalucia´s Costa del Sol, the Coast of the Sun.

Marbella is a largely safe area to live, and has numerous international schools with an excellent standard of education for children from all countries. It is also a popular area for those looking for somewhere to spend their golden years, with reliable and professional care services for the elderly, as well as excellent hospitals. So if you’re thinking of relocating, Marbella has every stage and aspect of life for the global citizen covered.

Puerto Banús is known as Costa del Sol
Puerto Banús is known as Costa del Sol's playground for the rich and wealthy that come here for the beaches, the beach clubs and the buzzing nightlife

As the Spanish real estate market has fluctuated considerably in recent years, many bargains can now be found in all types of property in Marbella. As the town’s popularity with affluent expats goes from strength to strength, along with the businesses which support their needs, property in Marbella may well prove to be a sound long-term investment.

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