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San Pedro Feria

San Pedro Feria
San Pedro Feria

San Pedro Feria

San Pedro Feria 2022

San Pedro Feria 2022

17 to 23rd October 2022

(Confirmed by Town Hall)

San Pedro Alcántara celebrates its summer fair in honour of its Patron Saint - San Pedro de Alcantara (1499 to 1562) who was a Franciscan monk.  The day of the feast of San Pedro is 19th October.  The town was founded by first Marqués del Duero, who created a farming colony here in the early 1860s, naming it after both his favourite saint and his mother, Petra de Alcántara Irigoyen (read San Pedro history).

The summer feria in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, it is traditionally held on the third week of October from a Monday or Tuesday to a Sunday to coincide with the Saint’s feast day.  

In 2022 the feria has moved to the 80.000 square metre ‘new fairground’ located on the Finca La Caridad estate. In 2020 and 2021 a smaller version of the feria was held on the Boulevard. The previous location from 2015 to 2019 was on a privately owned plot west of on Avenida del Mediterraneo (Nueva Alcantara) to the south of the town centre.  Up to 2014 for many years it was held on land on the northern limit of the town just to the west of Avenida Pablo Ruiz Picasso where Edificio Norte now stands. The new Finca la Caridad estate was inaugurated in July 2022 with the smaller Nueva Andalucia district Feria. the council had been for many years working to recover the land which had been in a judicial dispute since the 1990s in the Gil era.

As a novelty for 2022, instead of the traditional parade there will be two parades (on Monday a horse parade and on Friday a horse-drawn carriage parade.

The daytime fair starts at 13.30 and the fairground attractions will operate from 18.00 hours.


A typical schedule of highlights is as follows:

18.30: Parade of giants and big-heads through the streets Viento de Levante, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Lagasca, Jerez, Marqués de Duero and Plaza de la Iglesia.
21.30: Fireworks display at La Salida beach.
20.00: Official inauguration and the lighting up of the entrance arch to La Caridad followed by the crowning of the Feria Queen and the reading of the proclamation.

13.30: Inauguration of the Day Fair.
18.00: Opening of the attractions

12.00: Procession through San Pedro Alcántara leaving from the Plaza de la Iglesia, continuing along the Calle Revilla, Lagasca, Pozo, Hernán Cortés, 19 de octubre, Oriental and Recogida.
19.00-21.00: Noise free fair for the enjoyment of people with extreme sensitivity to noise.

14.00: Senior Citizen's Day with a joint lunch for members of San Pedro centres I and II followed by a sevillanas and pasodobles dance contest.
19.00-21.00: Noise-free fair for the enjoyment of people with extreme sensitivity to noise.
20.00: Concert

17.00: Horse Parade of and horse-drawn carriages along  Calle Viento de Levante, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Lagasca, Andalucía, La Constitución, Esteban San Mateo, Marqués de Duero roundabout, Avenida Oriental, Fuente Nueva and Recinto Ferial La Caridad.
23.00: Free Concert in the municipal feria caseta

23.00: Concert  with free admission at the municipal caseta.

18.00: Children's Day with popular prices on the rides at the fairgrounds.
18.30: Dance schools competition in the Palenque.


The day fair and the night fair takes place on the 2022 feria ground located on the Finca La Caridad, in the Guadaliza district on the far side (from the town) of the A-397 near to Parque Los Tres Jardines.   To get there walking it is possible to take Calle Santa Ines near Benítez Sports Pavilion and walk through the Potril underpass. The firdround has car park on adjoining land.   There will also be a shuttle service from San Pedro via Nueva  Andalucía will be in service from 13.30 until 03.00 hrs.