Costa de la Luz Property

Real Estate and Property on the Costa de la Luz

The Costa de la Luz is one of Andalucia’s lesser developed, more rugged and natural coastlines. Rural coastal properties and inland country estates complement vast expanses of untouched beaches. Fishing villages, luxury developments like Sotogrande, trendy hang outs like Tarifa, and the provincial capital of Cádiz all provide shopping, business, recreation and cultural opportunities.

If you are looking for property in southern Spain and wish to enjoy the best natural, untouched surroundings near the sea, then the Costa de la Luz will provide numerous options. The area attracts people looking for a more laid back way of life than that which is found on the busy Costa del Sol, for example.

Internet is a good place to start to shop for property on the Costa de la Luz. You can view almost any property on the market via the many websites dedicated to local properties. Once you have chosen a property for purchase, it is advisable you work with an experienced property professional and a good lawyer who speaks your language to ensure everything is in proper order.

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