Alto Guadalquivir

Alto Guadalquivir offers a varied natural environment ideal for lovers of outdoor sports such has hiking, climbing and canoeing, amongst others.This area also offers visitors an interesting gastronomy, with delicacies such as game, olive oil and honey. Handmade products made from wrought iron, vegetable fibres, leather and ceramics are also available, made traditionally by locals.


Villafranca de Córdoba has an unusual festival called the Gran Huevada, celebrated on the 14 May, during which thousands of eggs are fried and shared among the community. The town has around 4800… More →

Villa del Río is situated close to the Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Natural Park and has around 7200 inhabitants.

Pedro Abad offers visitors a unique experience during the village's idiosyncratic Semana Santa and Romería de Santiago el Menor celebrations. It has around 2800 inhabitants.

El Carpio sits on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, and is topped with a tower on a hill. The town has around 4500 inhabitants.

Cañete de las Torres is small but charming. Located on the Arroyo del Cañetejo, it is worth visiting for its beauty, surrounding natural environment and various historical points of interest. It… More →

Bujalance is home to the tallest tower in the province, a 55m watchtower which forms part of the Muslim fortress which is its main tourist attraction. The town has around 7500 inhabitants.

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Hospederia La Querencia

Hospederia La Querencia is a small yet elegant 19th-century hotel located in a red brick building in the main square of Bujalance. All rooms are air-conditioned and have free Wi-fi and digital TV.

Hospederia La Querencia’s elegant rooms are bright and spacious. Each room has a unique décor, and a private bathroom with amenities.