El Tejar

El Tejar

El Tejar is a small village in the very south of Cordoba province, conveniently located just of the A-44 Antequera to Cordoba Motorway. It is actually part of the Benemeji municipal district although located on the opposite side of the River Genil valley. Its population is 170.

It has one main street which is the old N-331 and now relatively quiet since the by-pass and now motorway was constructed. The origins of the village date to roman times and is most likely lined to a crossing point of the River Genil.

Bar and Hostal & Restaurant Reina is a popular venue on the main street.

The olive oil plant formally names Nuestra Señora de la Araceli is located just north of the village, so it the quarry.

There are views of the motorway bridge and the old tower from the main road at the norther outskirts of the village.

For a view of the Benameji escarpment, and the town and distinctive church tower from the little children's playground at the top of Calle Salvador.

The tradition industry of the village was pottery, especially roof tiles, bricks and pitchers. Clay was extracted nearby and brick numerous kilns have been discovered dating back to Roman and Moorish times. The production stopped in the 1985.