Orce - Gastronomy

Gastronomy in Orce

The renowned segureño lamb is one of the best dishes to try out in Orce. Many dishes are made with this as the basic ingredient; in sauce, grilled, with aioli or oven roasted, this wonderful meat can be sampled in any one of the bars and restaurants in the and around Orce. Home made cooked meats are also a speciality worth trying; from chorizo, to black pudding and wonderful spicy sausages, they are all full of flavour. Hare is another well presented dish, as well as many other local dishes which will most definitely be recommended during your visit. Here is a list of some local restaurants:

Mesón Restaurante "La Mimbrera"
Calle Chorreador
Tel: 958 746 148

Bar Restaurante "Molina"
Plaza Nueva, 3
Tel: 958 746 107

Bar Restaurante "El Salero"
Plaza Nueva, 2
Tel: 958 746 151

Bar Restaurante "Asador Alcalzaba"
Calle Fernándo Villalobos
Tel: 958 746 285

Bar Mesón Restaurante "La Bodeguilla"
Calle Ángel, 2
Tel: 958 746 087