Orce - Surroundings

The Surrounding Countryside & Nature

The wonderfully cool green natural park of the Sierra de María, is such a strong contrast to the arid landscape over the close by Velez and Salar areas. In the mountain paths, there are remains of prehistoric flint mines, "Minas Pehistóricas de Silex de la Venta", in the sierra del Periate.

A major feature of Orce is the natural spring of Fuencaliente. Bathers in this wonderful clear pool, share the water with the friendly resident red mullet, who happily share their habitat. Visitors are always surprised to find that there is no water treatment or maintenance keeping this delightful pool so clear and fresh and warm. In fact the secret is the small natural source at the base of the pool, constantly bubbling away underneath. The water has a constant year-round temperature of 21ºC, giving the pool thermal qualities. This makes the perfect place to relax and bath in all seasons.

For those who look to escape the intense heat and crowds of the Andalusian summer months, this is wonderful place to come to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy nature. A walk or a picnic beneath the shade of the beautiful elm and weeping willow trees after an afternoon dipping into the spring pool is both relaxing and reviving. Seeing the popularity for such outings, the Town Hall has even provided a recreation area, equipped with barbeques - available and free for public use.

While in Orce, it is also worth taking a leisurely stroll along the Paseo de los Caños, a pretty tree lined avenue. There is a drinking fountain with four jets, where you can stop for a refreshing drink along the way. This little boulevard originally marked the banks of a river which is now redirected and runs underground. There was an Arabic burial ground on the other side of the old river bank, which later became a Christian graveyard. Further on, you come across another, smaller drinking fountain with just two jets. Up until the 18th century, this avenue marked the boundary of the Orce. It is a very pleasant walk through such a historically important village.