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Castillo de Lopera

Castillo de Lopera

In Lopera we find one of the best examples of thirteenth-century castles built by the Military Order of Calatrava in the province of Jaén.

Thanks to restoration work, the Castle of Lopera has recovered its original appearance, and the deterioration caused by time has been avoided in a fortress that is considered by researchers to be a jewel of defensive architecture. Visitors entering the enclosure through the main door located in front of the Town Hall therefore walk into a scene that is very similar to what any thirteenth-century courtier would experience.

Located right in the centre of the municipality, the castle, with an irregular pentagon floor plan, has two enclosures; an external one formed by wall canvases and protected by five towers, and an internal one in which two majestic towers called San Miguel and Santa María are joined together by two canvases. San Miguel was used to control access to the fortress. In this tower, you can still see the damage caused by a projectile during the Spanish Civil War. Currently, on the ground floor of the tower there is a museum dedicated to the Battle of Lopera. The tower of Santa María had two superimposed rooms. The one below was transformed into a Gothic chapel during the works carried out in the sixteenth century to convert the castle into a noble residence and, in the twentieth century, it was renovated again in order to condition it as a living room for the owners.

In the mid-twentieth century, a wine cellar was created inside the castle, which significantly altered the original structure of the fortress. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1991. Located in Plaza de la Constitución.

Opening Times:
Visits by appointment only.
General, €4.00
Groups 20+, €3.00 per person
Over 65, €2.00
10-16 years, €2.00
Visit includes a tour of Casa de la Tercia.
Tel: 692 190 335