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Hermejor de la Reina

Hermejor de la Reina

Almazara Hermejor de la Reina is an olive oil mill designed according to the most innovative technological concepts, combining traditional values with functionality and aesthetics. The building, inspired by the Egyptian Pyramid of Cheops, is a single structure made of stone, stainless steel and glass. Hermejor de la Reina, unlike most other mills, has no cylindrical decanters. These vessels mix oils without distinguishing between qualities and prevent the elimination of residues that ferment over time and transmit bad smells to the rest of the content. Therefore, the natural juice obtained is moved to “floating” tinolliums, whose shape, used in the past by the Phoenicians, allows the residue left after separation to be fully removed. The tinolliums are balanced against a point that instantly weighs the amount produced and allows its origin to be checked and for there to be full individual monitoring of each batch produced, followed by characterization through analysis and tasting for subsequent delivery to the cellar. La Almazara Hermejor de la Reina emerged as a company in order to expand the production and sales of an exclusive olive oil. Located north east of Villanueva de la Reina, off the J-2320, in Cortijo Angulo.

Location of Hermejor de la Reina


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