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Puente de Villanueva de la Reina

Puente de Villanueva de la Reina

This bridge without a name is, importantly, one of the first reinforced concrete bridges built in Spain and currently in operation. It was executed by expert civil engineer Ramón del Cuvillo, who, through his explanations, offers a broad vision of the historical value of this bridge, a symbol of modernity due to the materials and technology that were used in its construction.

The bridge’s stone pillars were constructed and integrated into older pillars, recorded at the time to be possibly Roman. If true it would be a signifant crossing and update current thinking on Roman road layout in Iberia. The initial project in 1907 was for a metal bridge, however in 1919 the deck and super-structure was modified due to the opportunity presented by a new material; reinforced concrete. The bridge was opened in 1928.

One of the promotors of the Project was was the Engineer and politician Don José del Prado y Palacio, owner of the Finca Rincón de San Ildefonso, located on the other side of the River Guadalquivir. King Alfonso XIII visited the area and supported the project.     Located on the A-6075 a few km north of the village.


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