Torre de la Duquesa

Torre de la duquesa  © Michelle Chaplow
Torre de la duquesa


This historic watchtower is located 800m south from the castle adjacent to the A-7 road a square shaped stone watch tower can be seen. It was competed in 1501 and has had several names according to cartographic records; Torre del Duque and Torre de la Arroyos Dulces, the former name of Arroyo del Indiana, a steam which runs nearby alongside.

To the west is one of the only sections of the pre 1970 N-340 coast road on the western Costa del Sol that can still be seen. The old stone arch bridge and stone ballustrade over the Arroyo del Indiana can also be seen.

The tower was incorporated into a farm house called Coritjo de la Duquesa and painted white. It served as a restaurant in the old Camping Chullera which closed in 2005. The tower has now been carefully restored at the entrance to the present Camping La Bella Vista.


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