Museums in Costa Tropical

Museums on the costa tropical

The Costa Tropical is made up of the coastline of Granada Province. Moorish influence is clear across the province, especially in Granada city, where much of the cities' architecture remains true to that of past centuries. With so much history left behind, many museums exist to preserve and show visitors important artifacts.

Many destinations on the Costa Tropical boast archaeological sites of great interest with examples of Roman, Egyptian and more recently Moorish artifacts being discovered all the time. Most of these go on display in the local museums found along the coast.

See below, those museums found along the Costa Tropical.

Archaeological Museum

Also known as the 'Cave of 7 Palaces' it includes Hieroglyphics dating back to the reign of Pharaoh Apofis I cerca 1500 BC. More >

History Museum

The museum is found within the San Miguel Castle in Almuñécar and the building dates back to the 18th century. More >

Museo de Aceite

Here, visitors can not only learn about how oil is made, but also can see the wine and cheese making process too. More >


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