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Andalusia offers some stunning and unique equestrian displays, which you will most likely not be able see anywhere else in the world, and what better than visiting this richly endowed region for a sneak peek into the importance of the horse in Andalusian culture.

Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre
Probably the most famous of all, the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre (Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) offers a spectacular display known as "Como Bailan Los Caballos Andaluces", translated to "How Andalusian Horses Dance". The exhibition is an authentic equestrian ballet with Spanish music and eighteenth century costumes, based on choreography drawn from dressage, "vaquera" (working style of equitation) and other traditional horse riding disciplines. Each performance has six to eight choreographies, all maintaining the same level and unique style, programmed by the Institution. Similar to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, it is not to be missed!

Performances take place at the riding school, adjacent to the historic nineteenth century Palacio de las CadenasMore>

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Club Hípico El Ranchito in Torremolinos
offers an unusual show, based on rhythm and discipline, music and beauty, known as, "Ritmo a Caballo". An authentic equestrian ballet that originated 25 years ago, lasting approximately one hour and a half, where you can enjoy 20 horses all trained by the club's El Ranchito riders, including dressage, in-hand, side saddle and flamenco. There is also the option of a package called "Andalusian Night" (May-October) which includes the display, dinner and a flamenco show to finish off the evening. More>

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Escuela de Arte Ecuestre
The School of Equestrian Art is one of the renowned equestrian centres in Spain, offering some of the most modern facilities in Europe. With its Andalusian design in perfect harmony with its surroundings, the school is located in a beautiful natural setting between Sierra Bermeja and the sea. Equestrian shows can be arranged for private groups and business incentive programs. Public shows have been held from time to time. More>


Caballerizas Reales de Córdoba
The display known as "Pasión y Duende del Caballo Andaluz" takes place at the Royal Stables of Córdoba and has become a tourist attraction and cultural vehicle, connecting the town with its history and equestrian tradition. 


Yeguada de la Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado
The Yeguada de la Cartuja is a stud that offers a special day consisting of a visit to the facilities accompanied by guides giving detailed explanations about the history, horses and characteristics of the stud. In addition to the visit, a display takes place in the indoor riding arena and in the exterior yard where the best Carthusian stallions and mares exhibit their elegance and power. The most unique part of this is the very exciting moment they round up the mares in arena, and then let their very young foals in to find their mothers, something that always provides great excitement for the children.


Williams and Humbert Andalusian Horse Show
A package offering a day trip to Jerez and Cádiz from the Costa del Sol includes a display at the Williams and Humbert winery. After a tour of the winery and a tasting, an exhilarating equestrian show featuring Andalusian horses is held in the facilities, before moving on to Cádiz.

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