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President of Andalucia

The president of Andalucia is elected by the deputies of the Andalucian Parliament, and invested by the King of Spain. The president chooses their  'Consejeros' and assigns executive responsibilities. The president is "chief executive" of Andalucia and also represents the face of Andalucia both internaly and externally.

The president is responsible to the Andalucian Parliament and can call elections and referendums with the approval of the Spanish Cortes (National Parliament). The official residence it the Palacio de San Telmo in Seville.

The first President of the Junta de Andalucia was Rafael Escuredo Rodríguez who held office from the first legislature from 1982 and on resignation was replaced by José Rodríguez de la Borbolla who held office until the end of the second legislature in 1990.  Manual Chaves Gonzalez held the title for six legislatures from 1990 until his surprise resignation April 2009 to become deputy prime minister in the Madrid government of José Luis Zapatero with responsibility for relations with the Autonomous regions.  Gaspar Zarias held the post for on month 'in funcion' until he was replaced by Antonio Griñan who also resigned in September 2013 in favor of Suzana Díaz.   Suzana Diaz called elections in 2015 and Decemeber 2018. All the Andalucian presidents from 1982 to 2018 were from the PSOE party.

The December 2018 election returned Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla of the PP party thanks to a coalition with the Cuidanos Party. He has held the office since January 18, 2019. In April 2022 Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla called elections to be held on 19th June 2022.