• ÚBEDA A town which is renowned for it's magnificent Renaissance architecture including a plaza surrounded by palaces & churches. Located north east of Jaén
  • UBRIQUE A pleasant town well known for it's leather products. Located east of Arcos de la Frontera towards Ronda, turn off at El Bosque
  • UBRIQUE (SIERRA) Mountain range south of the town
  • UGÍJAR A village located in the Alpujarras region between Alfahar & Cherín
  • ULEILA DEL CAMPO A small village located north west of Sorbas on minor road
  • UMBRETE A village located west of Seville towards Bollullos del Condado off the E 1 / A 49 road
  • UMBRÍA (LA) A village located not far south east of Aracena
  • UMBRÍA (SIERRA DE LA) Mountain range north east of Cúllar Baza
  • URCAL A village located north of Huércal Overa on minor road
  • URRACÁL A village located not far north west of Macael off the A 334 road
  • UTRERA A town located south east of Seville towards Villamartín