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Senda Litoral de Malaga - Malaga Coastal Path

Boardwalk, Marbella, Malaga © Michelle Chaplow
The boardwalk in Marbella, one section of the partly-completed 163km-long Malaga Coastal Path along the Costa del Sol.

Senda Literal de Málaga - Malaga Coastal Path

The Senda Litoral de Malaga (Malaga Coastal Path) is a projected 160 km path following the entire coast of Malaga province from Manilva to Nerja. Once completed, this long-distance path will be a major tourist attraction for the Costa del Sol, and for Andalucia.  

The coastal path is being created by linking all the existing seafront town promenades; building new paved paths - for many year every newly-built beachfront development must construct its section of path; constructing wooden boardwalks where the terrain demands.   

The path reference will be GR92; it has its own logo and website (www.sendalitoral.es). The Km 0 starting point will be the emblematic Balcon de Europa in Nerja and the finish was Castillo de la Duquesa in Manilva but has been extended to Punta Chullera, the provincial border with Cadiz. One hopes, to be useful, that it will be extended to Sotogrande Marina.



Official Announcements

In Spring 2015, the Diputacion de Malaga (Malaga provincial government) announced that the path was 75% complete; in April 2016 they said that 100 km  (ie 61%) was complete; On 26th January 2017 the Diputacion de Malaga announced that the path would be complete in 2019; In Summer 2017 they declared 80% was complete. On 17 January 2019 they declared it was 85% complete (of 180km) and hoped it to be complete in 2020.

The cost of the path up to end of 2020 has been 11m € In most sections the Diputacion de Malaga finance the project and the local town halls manage the works. 

Andalucia.com visual assessment that 80% of the sections are complete and based on the progress over the last few years, the final completion date is not likely to be until 2025. The more challenging sections still remain to be built; the Dunes of Artola in Marbella with complicated environmental requirements, coves in the west of Benalmadena where landslides have proved a problem. The least complete areas are Estepona (east), Benalmadena, and Nerja coastlines.

Andalucia.com Assessment of MALAGA COASTAL PATH

From our own observations, we have plotted the path's progress on Google maps using a colour code (see below):

Completed Senda Litoral de Malaga: 105km (Green on map below)
Functioning Senda  Sections that pass through ports, marinas, pavements, decking: 25km (Orange on map below)
Uncompleted sections where you need to walk along streets: 8km (Red on map below) 
Uncompleted sections where you need to walk along the beach: 20km (Blue on map below)

Total complete or functioning path: 132 km   (80%)
Total incomplete sections: 35 km    (20%)
Total coastline 162km 


Several long sections are completed.  

  • Rincon and Malaga city - 22.6km
    Rincon de la Victoria promenade - La Malagueta promenade - Muelle Uno port - Playa San Andres & Playa de la Misericordia promenades - River Guadalhorce estuary crossing - Playa Guadalmar.
  • Torromolinos - 8.7km
    Los Alamos beach - La Carihuela - Sunset Beach Club
  • Fuengirola - 7.1km
    Entire length of Fuengirola promenade
  • Mijas Costa - 6.1km
    La Cala de Mijas to 500m short of Cabopino port.
  • Marbella - 11.8km
    Rio Real - Banana Beach - Bajadilla fishing port - Marbella town centre - El Ancon - Rio Verde - Puerto Banus - San Pedro.
  • Estepona - 7.3km
    La Rada Beach: Marina - Avenida Litoral - just past Guadalmansa
  • Casares and Manilva - 7.7km
    Sabinillas promenade: Torre Sal headland - Castillo de la Duquesa - Urb. Playa Paraiso.


This is the status of the project in December 2020, along the entire Malaga coast from east to west (Nerja to Manilva).

  • Nerja to Torre del Mar - a few sections of path are completed.
  • Torre del Mar - seafront promenade will form path.
  • Torre del Mar to Rincon de La Victoria - very little completed, below spec walkway adjacent to coast road.
  • Rincon de la Victoria - seafront promenade forms the path.
  • Rincon de la Victoria to El Palo district of Malaga - path almost complete.
  • EL Palo to Malaga City -  almost complete, with some gaps such as Baños de Carmen.
  • Baños del Carmen to Malaga City Centre - existing seafront promenade and pavement forms path.
  • Malaga City Centre to Guadalhorce river estuary seafront promenade forms path plus Rio Guadalhorce 270m wooden bridge.
  • Gaudalhorce river to Torremolinos Playa Guadalmar complete, Playa San Julian to start, Playa Campo de Golf unofficially partly constructed.
  • Torremolinos  Los Alamos beach to La Carihuela - path complete.
  • Benalmadena to Torrequebrada - Promenade and Benalmadena marina complete.   
  • Torrequebrada to Fuengirola - path partly complete suffering from landslide damage.
  • Fuengirola to Castle promenade - path complete.
  • Fuengirola to La Cala de Mijas - no path.
  • La Cala de Mijas to municipal boundary 500m from Cabopino - 6km of boardwalk opened in 2015.
  • Cabopino to Marbella fishing port by Playa el Cable - most  sections of path complete including Rio Real and Banana Beach to Marbella fishing port.
  • Marbella fishing port to Marbella town centre, El Ancon, Rio Verde, Puerto Banus, Ventura del Mar - extensive section complete; a short diversion connects to the San Pedro promenade.
  • San Pedro Promenade - path complete.
  • Estepona Hotel Atalaya Park to Guadalmansa - only one small section of path complete.
  • Estepona -  path complete from east of River Guadalmansa to Estepona Marina.
  • Estepona Marina to Buenas Noches - walkable to Playa El Cristo then about half complete up to Buenas Noches. 
  • Casares Costa - path complete except Playa Piedra to Rio de la Jordana.
  • Sabinillas  / Duquesa - Promenade from Rio Manilva to Castillo de la Duquesa, then path almost complete but walkable to Urb Playa Paraiso. Does not continue to Malaga limit nor Torreguadiaro nor Sotogrande marina. 

Andalucia.com Google map - Senda litoral de Malaga  

Since the project's official website - like the path itself - is currently under construction, we have traced the progress of the path's route along the coast, showing the current status of each section.

This map is updated when we are aware of a new sectioned open, so please advise us of any new sections completed or suggest improved alternative routes for the sections not yet complete.  

On the map below the path is marked in green where complete, orange where you can easily walk through a port, marina or other zone, blue where you need to walk on the beach, and red where you can make a safe diversion to link to the next section.  



GREEN - the coastal path is complete
ORANGE - you can easily walk through a port, marina or other zone,
BLUE - you need to walk on the beach
RED - you can make a safe diversion to link to the next section.  


On all sections cyclists (or scaters, scooters riders etc) must give way to pedestrians. Other rules for cyclists vary from section to section, according to each specific town's rules. This is a little problematic on Paseo Maritimo (Seafront Promenade) sections. 

In Estepona, cyclists are not allowed on the promenade.
In Mijas Costa, cyclists are not allowed on the boardwalk Saturdays, Sundays nor holidays. On Monday to Friday cyclists not allowed from 11:00 to 14:00 hrs and from 16:00 to 19:00 hrs.
In Marbella, cyclists using the promenade must keep to a 10km/h speed limit. Special street route for cyclists created in summer.






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