Camino Mozarabe

Camino Mozárabe de Santiago

The Camino Mozárabe de Santiago is marked footpath route which serves as way for walkers of pilgrims from parts of Andalucia (other than Sevilla) to join the Via de la Plata or Ruta de la Plata at Mérida and continue north to Santiago de Compostella.

The main routs is from Almeria to Granada to Cordoba to Merida. Branches from Jaen and Malaga join the main route between Granada and Cordoba.  

The route is way-marked throughout with yellow arrows and the camino shell symbol. It is a strenuous route over mountains and then dropping down to Cordoba.  After Alcaracejos the scenery turns to pasturage and agricultural  land. Walking is mainly on old tracks and paths and some little-used roads.

This is a very solitary route with very few peregrinos at the moment and some very long daily stages-up to 35 km. Well-thought out planning is a necessity. Just past Córdoba there are some shallow rivers that might require wading, depending on the weather.

Andalucia is very hot in the summer so starting in April to arrive in Santiago in  the summer would be ideal.

There are numerous facilities such as casas parroquiales and sports halls which generally have hot water, showers, heat and other amenities. Almost all village of any size will have hotels and hostales.



The main routes are:

Camino de Almería:   Almeria - Alba - La Calahorra - Guadix -  Granada. 

 Camino de Granada:  Granada - Alcala la Real - Alcaudete - Baena - Cordoba

Camino de Córdoba: Cordoba  -  Hinhosa del Duque - Don Benito  - Merida

The feeder routes are:

Camino de Jaén:  Jaen - Martos -  Alcaudete

Camino de Málaga:  Malaga - Antequera - Lucena - Baena


Below is a video by Forum member Ponarth of the 165k route from Granada to Cordoba


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