Waterskiing - For all the Family

Waterskiing is a water-sport that suits all ages. Some other sports, such as wakeboarding and surfing, can sometimes seem a little intimidating to the uninitiated, whereas waterskiing has many facets and can be enjoyed by the whole family. In Andalucía along the many different stretches of coastline and inland on lakes, waterskiing is a very popular sport that can be practiced year round.

Although children tend to learn more quickly than adults, people of all ages have been known to get their skis on for the first time and discover how exhilarating it is to skim along the top of the water. Once you've got your sea legs and have fallen over countless times, you realise that as long as you keep your lifejacket on and follow the basic rules of safety, falling into the water is not such a bad thing. Most skiers will tell you that snow skiing can be much more painful, especially when the snow is impacted. The luxury of Andalucía is that you can literally snow ski and water ski on the same day. When the Sierra Nevada ski station is open in the winter months, an early morning downhill slalom can be followed by a two hour drive to the coast and an afternoon glide round the bay. This is, surely, the recipe for the perfect lifestyle.

In waterskiing, as with all sports, it’s worth booking professional classes to begin with, as you will learn the essentials, beginning with how to stand up on the skis in the water as the boat pulls off. It’s also a good idea to do some sort of basic warm-up exercises, or you might feel the effects in your muscles the next day and be put off going back for more. Once you've mastered the basics, your confidence grows and you're bound to become hooked. The feeling of cutting through the water with the wind and spray in your face is second only to flying through the air.

This healthy, invigorating sport is an excellent way to really enjoy the great outdoors and brings the whole family together for a fun day out or holiday. From young children with their parents and friends, to grandparents who either join in or simply watch, a picnic and a day’s waterskiing is excellent value for money.

Boats are available for hire in many ports, beaches and inland lakes! Most water sports centres will offer boats plus an experienced driver and instructor.

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