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May 2008

There are so many ways to "give back" and I'm always happy to see how local companies in our region are so concerned about putting some of their capital - be it financial or manpower - into good causes. This Saturday, May 31st, we have employees from the Marbella branch of Obelisk International, an overseas property, finance and investment specialist, climbing Marbella's La Concha mountain and venturing deep into Ronda's caves to raise sponsorship money for the UK's Rhys Daniels Trust. The Rhys Daniels Trust works to provide accommodation for the families of desperately sick children who req
High speed information doesn't only come in the form of online messages and news. It can also burst into a city via high speed train lines thanks to RENFE's expansion in our region. According to the latest reports, not only does the high speed train already pass through Antequera on its way between Málaga and Córdoba, it looks like this quiet provincial city is set to become the main, regional hub for travellers to and from Seville, Granada and Algeciras. This means that an estimated 14 million passengers per year could whiz through the station. And who knows?
No doubt parents have always had to work at getting their kids interested in things that were good for them. And no doubt the job is harder than ever. We have all the usual battles with vegetables, homework and the social expectation that people will wear matching clothes.
Have you every stopped to count all the holidays we have in Andalucia? If you work in this region, then you'll be aware of the "Calendario Laboral" that is posted every year to help us plan around the FOURTEEN national, regional and local annual holidays. And it's important to have one of these calendars for each and every town or city that you spend part of your life in. For example, if you live in a small town but work in your provincial capital, you'll need two separate calndars in order to prepare for those "fiestas locales" that tend to catch us by surprise.
Imagine hundreds - maybe even thousands - of Sevillanas dancers taking over London with colourful dresses, smart suits and great passion. Now stop imagining. This is for real, and you could be a part of it! It's all set to happen May 25th on Regent Street as part of a two week Spanish culture festival that will also overtake Heddon Street and Borough Market.
If you love the Andalusian countryside and you'd like to know the names of all those wonderful birds you see out there enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, this is your big chance! I had the opportunity to meet the organisers of the Bird Watching Days that will be taking place in Casarabonela in the province of Málaga from the 28th of May through the 1st of June. Ian and Sarah Shreeves call themselves "enthusiasts" when it comes to birdwatching, but I'd be more inclined to call them genuine experts. They definitely know the local bird community well.
In English we say, "April showers bring May flowers." In Spanish they say,"Marzo ventoso y abril lluvioso hace de mayo florido y hermoso." (Windy March and rainy April make May flowery and beautiful." It's May. Andalucia is covered in flowers, and we have the festivals the prove it. Everything is coinciding this month. The May crosses in Córdoba, with their flower covered crosses competing for prizes throughout the city. Many towns, villages and cities throughout our region will also have these colourful, fragrant contests going on.