Cordoba City - Fascinating Fact 4 - Men of letters

Cordoba City - Fascinating Fact 4 - Men of letters

Capital of the Roman province Baetica (roughly the same area as Andalucia today), Cordoba was the birthplace of two Roman poets, Lucan and Seneca (the Younger; the less celebrated rhetorician Seneca the Older was also born here). Later, in the 12th century, Averroes, the renowned Muslim philosopher and polymath, was born here. He rose to become a judge in Seville, Cordoba and Morocco. His direct contemporary, friend and fellow Aristotle scholar, the Jewish philosopher-doctor-lawyer Maimonides, was chased out of Cordoba by the Almohads; he ended up in Cairo as leader of the Jewish community and court physician to the Sultan Saladin.


  • Fact 1 - None of the (pilfered) pillars used to build Mezquita were the same height, which presented a technical challenge to its architects.
  • Fact 2 - Torture and leather- not a kinky movie, but a taste of a couple of less well-known Cordoba museums
  • Fact 3 - Sentimental and chocolate-boxy or lyrical and sensuous? Cordoba's most famous artist still provokes debate
  • Fact 4 - Poets, philosophers and men of great learning - Cordoba produced some of history's greatest scholars
  • Fact 5 - A historic square with a new flamenco centre in a medieval inn
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