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Game of Thrones FILMED in The Alcazar, Seville

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The Alcázar in Game of Thrones

The Alcázar of Seville was used as a location for the hugely successful HBO TV series, Game of Thrones.

The palace stood in for the Water Gardens of Dorne in various scenes in four episodes of Season Five and one of Season Six. The private estate is owned by Prince Dorian Martell, the wheelchair-bound head of House Martell and ruler of Dorne.

Dorne itself is the farthest south of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, famed for its sunny climate, excellent horses, superb Dornish wine, and passionate, fiery inhabitants called Dornishmen. You can see why they chose Andalucia’s capital city as the location for Dorne!

In his series of books, A Song of Ice and Fire, on which the series was based, author George RR Martin looked to southern Spain’s Islamic heritage for his inspiration for Dorne. “I suppose the closest real life equivalent… would be the Moorish influence in parts of Spain.”

Co-creator of the show, Dan Weiss says “It is as if [the Alcázar] was designed for us many years ago.”

Locations in King Pedro’s Palace and the Alcázar Gardens

The main shooting locations are Mercury’s Pool, Carlos V Pavilion, Maria Padilla’s Baths and the Ambassadors’ Hall.

Here is the context in the complex plotting for each scene shot at the locations.

Season 5 Episode 2 (5.02) The House of Black and White

A balcony overlooking Mercury’s Pool
Ellaria Sand, lover of the recently murdered Oberyn Martell, demands that Dorian avenge his brother’s death at the hands of the Lannisters. He refuses.

Season 5 Episode 6 (5.06) Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Jaime Lannister has come to Dorne, accompanied by sellsword (mercenary) Bronn, to take his “niece” Myrcella (in reality his incestuously conceived daughter) back home to King’s Landing.

Baños de Maria Padilla
At a secret meeting in these underground baths, the Sand Snakes agree to abduct Myrcella as revenge against the Lannisters for Oberyn’s death.

Palace Gardens and Carlos V Pavilion
As Jaime and Bronn enter the palace gardens through the gate in the Grutesco Gallery, they see Myrcella Lannister and her betrothed, Tristayne Martell (Dorian’s son) strolling in the gardens. Jaime tries to convince Myrcella to come with him, but she refuses.

Jaime and Bronn fight with the Sand Snakes (Obara, Nymeria and Tyene, the three illegitimate daughters of Oberyn and Ellaria), and then the Dornish guards, next to the pavilion.

Season 5 Episode 7 (5.07) The Gift

Interior of salon in King Pedro’s Palace
Jaime explains to Myrcella why she must leave Dorne and her betrothed, and come with him back to King’s Landing. Once again she refuses.

Season 5 Episode 9 (5.09) The Dance of Dragons

Ambassadors’ Hall - King Pedro’s Palace
Jaime has an audience in this salon with Prince Dorian, along with Ellaria, Myrcella and Tristayne – the opening shot of the scene is taken from the floor looking upwards at the Lannister prince as he enters, with the gilded ceiling above. Dorian agrees that Myrcella can return to King’s Landing if Tristayne goes too.

On a balcony overlooking Mercury’s Pool
Ellaria is forced to swear allegiance to Dorian.

In a salon
Ellaria talks to Jaime.

Season 6 Episode 1 (601) The Red Woman

A patio with pool
The scene of a terrible crime: Ellaria stabs Prince Dorian to death as he sits in his wheelchair. The exterior of the Alcázar is merged, using computer software, with a patio of the Alcazaba in Almeria.

Other TV series and movies shot in the Alcazar

Warrior Nun (Netflix, to be released 2020)

Emerald City, based on The Wizard of Oz (NBC 2016)

The White Princess (BBC 2017)

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

1492 - Conquest of Paradise (1992)

Reds (19787)

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

The other main location used was the Bullring of Osuna

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