Healthouse Las Dunas

The hotel has a beachfront Mediterranean location, in the town of Estepona, and only 15 minutes drive from Puerto Banus and Marbella © Michelle Chaplow
The hotel has a beachfront Mediterranean location, in the town of Estepona, and only 15 minutes drive from Puerto Banus and Marbella
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Healthouse las dunas

Review by Michelle Chaplow

why should I stay there?

This five-star luxury hotel offers a wellbeing programme with five meals and only 1300 calories per day, created by two-Michelin-star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz restaurant. It boasts a 3000 m2 of state-of-the art spa, a beautiful outdoor pool which is heated all year around, and front line views to the Mediterranean, all in a totally private, tranquil oasis in
Andalucía, yet close to the glamorous resort of Marbella.

Where is it?

The hotel has a beachfront Mediterranean location, in the town of Estepona, and only 15 minutes drive from Puerto Banus and Marbella. You have unrestricted views across the Med to Africa, with the rock of Gibraltar on the horizon. A prime location to enjoy the famously mild and sunny climate of the Costa del Sol.

Who is it ideal for?

Those who would like to relax, be pampered and focus on nutrition and holistic care. Qualified professionals from Naturhouse (the franchise health food store, which has just opened its first London branch) and Healthouse can design a programme to meet your individual needs for weight reduction, relaxation, anti-aging, stopping smoking, sleeping patterns, fitness or detox. You can lose weight and make long-term changes to your lifestyle with a seven-day, 14, 21, or 28-day programme.

Everything is available from qualified medical doctors and nutritionists, to holistic treatments such as massage, Himalayan salt room, and emotional coaching. They have hydro circuits, hydro massage, flotation tanks, sauna, ice room, steam room, yoga, pilates, gym and a library. You can work at your own pace, with the peace of mind that you have complete guidance at every stage. Foodies won’t be disappointed, as the healthy but delicious menu is specially designed by two-Michelin-star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz.

You may want to escape alone, come with friends or, if you want to bring your family, they also have 34 fully-equipped luxury apartments in the same complex.

what's it like?

It’s a five-star hotel which really values your privacy, where you can wander around all day in your slippers and bathrobe. From the Spa to the pool, the restaurant with exquisite low-calorie high-protein meals, and a combination of exercise rather than a drastic bootcamp, it’s more like a gentle guidance towards a healthier you - spa, swim, stroll and work out to your heart’s content. All in a luxurious environment, where every amenity is available - you can choose your in-room toiletries from a menu of high-quality own-brand skin care and hair products in very generous sizes, all from Naturhouse.

Make the most of the excellent nutritional and medical staff, who are constantly on hand to provide advice and guidance. The Doctor, who speaks English, French and Spanish, will guide you from day one; the Nutritionist will help you and listen to your every need regarding food and diet; the Spa Manager is charming and so proud of her state-of-the-art spa, that you want to try out everything. Nothing is forced upon you, decisions are made based upon your desires and wishes, and their recommendations, and this gives you time to listen to the inner wisdom of your body, all in an immaculate five-star beachfront hotel in a wonderful Mediterranean climate – you are bound to feel better, mentally and physically, by the time you leave.

What are the rooms like?

The 54 deluxe suites have private balconies with sea views: spacious recently-refurbished rooms in harmonious colours with gold ceiling mouldings and wooden floors, and generously-sized ensuite marble bathrooms. Everything is of impeccably quality, from the deep-pile fluffy towels, to the flat-screen TVs, your indoor and outdoor slippers, and minibars with a selection of mineral waters.

What should i eat there?

You will delight in the exquisite cuisine of two-Michelin-star Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, whose restaurant Mugaritz in San Sebastian has been named as the sixth-best restaurant in the world.

The cuisine consists of three main meals and two snacks a day, with a total of 1300 calories. The main meals, lunch and dinner, consist of three to five courses, and provide a feeling of healthiness from the outset. You will be surprised at the vast range of nutritious dishes available and the exquisite preparation of each plate - everything in the restaurant, from the brand new open-plan kitchen to the limited-edition plates, is first-class, not to mention the food. The restaurant looks out to the ocean and you can also dine alfresco on the outdoor terrace.

what should i see and do in the area?

There are so many things to do near the hotel, but you’re probably best off leaving them for either before or after the programme, so you can focus completely on a healthy holiday. Some of the suggestions would be to visit the flower-laden streets in the old town of Estepona with an abundance of geranium pots and cascading bougainvillea; shopping in Puerto Banus; swimming in the sea; sailing - hiring or chartering a yacht with friends; visiting the inland white villages of Andalucía; or just soaking up the sunshine, reading and relaxing.

Insider knowledge

While at the hotel, you wear an ingenious bracelet which is linked to your mobile phone, to monitor your sleep patterns and steps taken per day - 12000 steps are recommended, but most guests exceed this. This encourages you to be active, while monitoring your steps and progress, as you go for walks out in the fresh air, explore the mature gardens with their gently swaying palms, enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.

Contact details
Healthouse Las Dunas,
Urbanización Boladilla Baja,
km163,500 ,
29689 - Estepona, Málaga ,

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