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Shopping Centres in Huelva

Andalucia is not alone in its quest for the convenience of large out-of-town shopping centres or commercial centres ( centros comerciales) . Over the past five years shopping centres in Andalucia have become increasingly prevalent and in Andalucia today they form an integral part of most peoples’ shopping experience.

Shopping centres in Huelva city

  • El Corte Inglés - On Plaza de España, at the eastern end of Alameda Sundheim, is a shopping centre with El Corte Inglés (Centro Comercial Costa Luz, Av Alcalde Federico Molina, 1, 21003 Huelva. Tel: 959 282 000. Open Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 22:00 hrs) and Hipercor department stores. More>
  • Centro Comercial La Holeo - On the north east outskirts of Huelva, off the H-30 at junction 10C. All the well known brands as well as many others. It has plenty of free parking as well as a food court, cinema and large supermarket.
  • Abart Centro Comercial Fantasio - Av. José Muñoz de Vargas, 2-4, 21006 Huelva (Huelva) Telo: 959 27 05 92
  • Aqualon Puerto - Glta. Norte, s/n, 21001 Huelva (Huelva), Tel: 959 35 90 80
  • Carrefour Huelva - Ronda Exterior Sur, s/n, 21007 Huelva (Huelva). Tel: 959 21 10 00

Shopping centres in Huelva province

  • Centro Comercial Islantilla - Av. Islantilla, 21410 Isla Cristina (Huelva). Tel: 959 64 60 12

Sunday Shopping Hours in Andalucia

Shopping centres are generally open from 10.00 to 22.00 hrs Monday to Saturday. They are also open for the same or slightly reduced hours on certain Sundays and Bank holidays.

Opening on Sunday and bank holidays for shopping centres and shops over 300 square metres is decreed by the Junta de Andalucia. Other shops that can open on Sundays are shops selling cakes and pastries, bread and ready meals, preparation and sale of churros, chips, nuts and sweets, newspapers, florists and plants. Shops selling cultural and sporting products located inside museums or cultural or sporting establishments can open. Also Petrol stations and shops designated as 'convenience stores'. Also shops in train and bus stations and airports and sea ports.

Sunday and Bank Holidays shopping in 2022 - Andalucia wide

There are 16 opening Sunday and Bank Holidays in 2022 - Andalucia wide
January 2nd and 9th
February 27th
March none
April 14th (Easter Thursday)
May 2nd
June none
July 3rd and 31st
August 15th and 28th
September none
October none
November 1st and 27th
December 4th and 8th and 11th and 18th and 26th

Sunday and Bank Holidays shopping in 2023 - Andalucia wide

There are 16 opening Sunday and Bank Holidays in 2023 - Andalucia wide
January 2nd and 8th
February none
March none
April 6th (Easter Thursday) 30th
May 2nd
June none
July 2rd and 30th
August 15th and 28th
September none
October 12th
November 1st and 26th
December 3th and 8th and 10th and 17th and 24th and 31st

Full details on Sunday shopping hours in Andalucia.



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