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Accountants Marbella

For most people who come to Marbella - or anywhere on the Costa del Sol - finding an accountant may not be an immediate priority. However, if you are an foreign resident starting your own business or are a resident and need help with annual tax return 'declaracion de la renta' you will need an accountant. 

Accounting services in Marbella you will find both qualified Spanish and foreign accountants, who provide services in various languages. In Spanish, an accountancy firm is called a contable, or Asesor Fiscal and accounting is contabilidad, so those are the terms you need when searching for accounting services.

A business is likely to employ one of these services to help with tasks such as setting up a new company, completing tax returns and employing staff. Most contables in Marbella will have English-speaking staff to assist you in dealing with unfamiliar documentation and administrative systems in Spanish.

To make sure you are not caught out by unqualified, unregistered accountants, check they have the official title CP (Contador Publico). You can also look out for Cr. or Cra. (for Contador or Contadora, meaning accountant).

Many businesses retain an Asesor Fiscales on a monthly basis to complete all the statutory declarations, pay taxes (IRPF, IVA etc) and pay social security, and also to follow all necessary procedures with the SAE (Servicio Andaluz de Empleo) when creating or modifying labour or staff contracts which all have to registered with the SAE.

Having an accountant who takes care of this paperwork should make the administrative part of the business easier for owners, preventing complications caused by misunderstandings from the language, or lack of familiarity with the system. Some accountants in Spain are also known as Economistas and will carry out business analyses as well.