Marbella - Avenida del Mar


Avenida del Mar is a modern urban square, rather than a green park linking  La Alameda park with the Paseo Marítimo (Seafront promenade).  It is adorned with fountains, pergolas, and a collection of sculptures by Salvador Dalí.  

The collection brings together 10 sculptures designed by Dali and cast in bronze by Bonvicini in Verona.  If you like Dali, it's one of the few free places you can see loads of his fabulous work in one place.  Interesting how some tourists simple walk on by glancing at the statues, whilst others are amazed to find themselves by pure chance surrounded by Dali statues, on a par with any museum collection, yet in the street for free.   

The square is lined with shaded seating beside the ponds and fountains and there is plenty of room to walk around the works to fully enjoy them. 

The square is flanked by a number of cafes and taps bars.

Under the square is an underground car park which is the most centrally located in Marbella idea for visiting this square, then the Alameda gardens and then the Old Town.