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Marbella - Starlite Festival 2016

Starlite Festival 2016

 The starlite festival 2016 dates were 14 July to 20 August 2016.

The Starlite closed its fifth edition with a record number of visitors after 40 days of music and more than 200 celebrities passed along the red carpet for the photo call. The organisers issued an end of season press release claiming that more than 160.000 people of 68 nationalities had passed by the quarry this year.

It was certainly the biggest year in terms of number of acts and ticket were sold out for many of the 20 events in the 2,500 seater auditorium. However simple arithmetic calculates the total number in the auditorium for 20 nights of concerts would be 50,000. To this one must add the lounge and the restaurant but it is difficult to see how a 160,000 figure is reached. We have asked Starlite for a breakdown several times but have not received anything.

The Starlite created Events were increased this year. As well as the traditional 'Noche Movida' in its fourth edition there was also "3 en Rock". There was also a number of more family performances such as "The Phantom of the Opera", the Circo de los Sentidos "Aihua" and "God save The Queen". 

The "Starlite cinema" included 10 nights of cinema in the auditorium with the largest open air cinema screen in Europe which might have made up for the fact that none of the films titles were particularly memorable.  

 In the lounge area top DJ's included Juan Magán who played three sessions, there was also DJ Nano and  Fonsi Nieto.   'Gente de Zona' (people of the zone) was the name for two nights of Cuban style reggae, one of which was accompanied  by Los del Río.

2016 Starlite Festival line up was:

14/07/2016: Juan Magan DJ
16/07/2016: Robert Plant
22/07/2016: God Save The Queen
23/07/2016: Noches de Marbella (Mario Diaz, Excéntrico Milú, Joaquin de Sola & Macarena Ramirez)
24/07/2016: Carlos Santana
25/07/2016 Charles Aznavour
30/07 & 13/08 2016: Gente de Zona
31/07/2016: El Fantasma de la Opera
01/08/2016: Tom Jones
02/08/2016: Siempre Así
03/08/2016: José Luis Perales
05/08/2016: El Gusto es Nuestro (Ana Belén, Victor Manuel, Joan Manuel Serrat
& Miguel Ríos)
06/08/2016: Starlite Gala
08/08/2016: Malú
09/08/2016: Alejandro Sanz
10/08/2016: Bertín Osborne
12/08/2016: 3 en Rock (Miembros de M-CLAN, Leiva & Alejo Stivel)
14/08/2016: Aihua - Cirque des Sens
16/08/2016: The Corrs
17/08/2016: Estrella Morente & Antonio Canales
18/08/2016: Noches Movida
19/08/2016: Status Quo
20/08/2106: Best of Musicals


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