Marbella Galas - Starlite Gala 2015


The sixth annual Starlite Gala, for the first time took place on a Sunday night; Sunday 9 August 2015 at Cantera de Nagüeles in Marbella, the open-air auditorium where the Starlite Festival is held. The charity Gala, still the highlight of the Marbella social calendar, was hosted again by Antonio Banderas, and much to everyones delight, was accompanied this year by his partner Nicole Kimple (and her twin sister Babara). Artist who performed this year were Laura Pausini, Sara Baras, el Mago Pop, Francisco, Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel.


Gala guests most of whom paid the 500€ to 1.000€ tickets and walked the ever larger gauntlet of red carpet photographers included Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Nicole and Bárbara Kimpel, Beatriz de Orleans, Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce, Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier, Aracely Arambula, Amaia Montero, Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel, Cayetano Rivera and Eva González, Elena Benarroch, Ángela Carrasco, Anne Igartiburu, Virgina Troconis, Francisco and Paca, Gunilla Von Bismarck and Luis Ortiz, Imanol Arias and Irene Meritxel, El Mago Pop, Irene Villa and husband, Joaquín Prat, Alejandra Prat and José Manuel Alcaraz, Carmen Lomana, Lara Dibildos, Juan Peña, Remedios Cervantes, Elsa Anka, Ana Obregón, Fiona Ferrer, Mónica Martín Luque José Bernal (Mayor of Marbella), D. Francisco de la Torre Mayor of Málaga) and Laura Pausini.

Starlite Gala philanthropic awards were given to:

Mireya Cisneros
Irene Villa
Imanol Arias, UNICEF Ambassador.
Cayetano Rivera, founder of the "I Child" foundation. 
Miguel Aleman
Laura Pausini, UNICEF collaborator.

100% of the funds from the ticket and the auction are now heading to ‘Niños en Alegria' and ‘Lagrimas y Favors' the charity funds of Sandra Garcia-Sanuán and Antonio Banderas. Importantly Banderas announced that in the first five editions 1.5 million euro had been raised. The Gala dinner was created by chefs Dani García, José Luis Estevan and y Joaquín Felipe. The Gala itself was presented by Valeria Mazza and Joaquin Prat.

Luckily for Antonio, since the Starlite Gala was held on the Sunday this year, on the chime of midnight, it was his birthday and he was able to blow out the 55 candles on his cake.