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Railway Station - La Indiana

La Indiana Station (closed) © Michelle Chaplow
La Indiana Station (closed) © Michelle Chaplow
La Indiana Station (closed) © Michelle Chaplow
La Indiana Station (closed) © Michelle Chaplow

LA indiana railway station

La Indiana  station is below Ronda near the Legion Camp just off the A-374  Ronda - Sevilla road was closed in 2006. The turning is still signpoasted and is near the tuning for the MA-7402 to Ronda La Vieja.   

The old station which is surrounded by a cluster of houses and farms is in good condition. The track and signalling was in upgraded in the 2010 to 2012 phase and the station serves as a passing place for trains on the single line. If you train stop here don't get out.   The platforms have also be modernised and raise as though the station might be brought back into service one day. The 20th century points levers have been left on the platform for decoration.  

The station is not manned but the old Henderson station building can be seen. Some of the gas lamp brackets a probably original. The wrought iron supports for the canopy are still in place. The wooden canopy edge slats are still present and give the station the Henderson look. The station building is is now lived in by local couple which provide security to the station.  The original round window goods shed is also nearby but abandoned. What make this station interesting is the presence two large round water tanks that were needed for the steam engines to take on water before the big climb up to Ronda. The larger one is most likely original and features four legs made of riveted iron plate.

Those interesed in the railway will find this station interesting. The name of the station and the hamlet may have come from the look of the station itslef, that is looked like a station on an Indian railway.  

The station location has also be cited in different plans for the site of a future out of town Ronda station should the line be updraded and the Ronda loop be taken out of comision saving about 15km of line. The driving force of the plans woud be to include the routes in a upgraded European railway goods network linked to the port of Algeciras.

The next stations are Ariate and Benaojan 


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