Osuna Must See – Archeological Museum

Museo Arqueológico Torre del Agua

The tower, bastion of the Almohad wall belt of the twelfth century, was reformed in the fourteenth century by the Knights of Calatrava. It consists of four rooms, with samples of prehistoric remains and reproductions of the Iberian reliefs found in Osuna at the beginning of the twentieth century, pieces of Iberian ceramics, exhibition of Roman objects and several showcases where varied material is exhibited. Located in Plaza de la Duquesa.

Opening Times:
September-June, Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-14:30hrs and 16:00-18:00hrs.
July and August, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 09:30-14:30hrs.
July and August, Thursday, 09:30-14:30hrs and 19:00-21:00hrs.
July, August and September, Closed Sundays.
Price: 4 euro.
Tel: 954 811 207