Osuna Must See – Colegiata

Insigne Iglesia Colegial de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (La Colegiata)

The church was founded in the year 1535 by, Juan Téllez Girón, IV Count of Ureña, and was built in the place that occupied the Church of the Castle, destroyed by a fire. The church is built with ashlar extracted from the quarries of Osuna and the tower was later built in 1914, still unfinished. There is also a museum where works of great relevance are preserved, such as four paintings by José de Ribera, "El Españoleto", made in the seventeenth century and ornaments made by important artists from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. The terrace along the front of this huge basilica offers superb views over the town - look out for the marked photo panel of all the buildings, which identifies each monument - palaces, churches, convents and monasteries, plus the bullring and the Canteras. Located in Plaza la Encarnación.
Opening Times:
September-June, Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-14:30hrs and 16:00-18:00hrs.
July and August, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 09:30-14:30hrs.
July and August, Thursday, 09:30-14:30hrs and 19:00-21:00hrs.
July, August and September, Closed Sundays.
Price: 4 euro.
Tel: 954 810 444