Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra

Across the cuesta from the Casa del Rey Moro, the Palacio of the Marqués de Salvatierra family opens irregularly as a small museum of Renaissance art and artefacts. The Palacio is an 18th century renovation of an earlier 16th century building gifted to the family of Don Vasco Martín de Salvatierra by the Reyes Catolicos when they redistributed the spoils of the Reconquest. Of most interest, however, are the impressive entrance and its decorations. Above the door are two rather gruesome statues of pairs of naked MesoAmerican slaves, bound and in looks of horror. Probably based on pre-Colombian ethnic central American religious icons, here, in the façade of a house built on plunder, they also seem to offer an unintentional comment on the wealth brought back from Spain's grand shoplifting spree through the treasures of the Americas.

GPS Location: 36º 44' 22"N 5º 09' 50"W View on Google Maps


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