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Eric de Bruin
Eric de Bruin

EMESKIU is a company that produces economic static aircraft flight simulators. The company has gained its place in the simulators market by developing very innovative solutions both in software and electronics which are developed and manufactured in-house.

In the EMESKIU simulators the aircraft gauges with mechanical components have been replaced by projection of the instruments on high resolution TFT screens.

The combination of these screens with original hardware results in a trustworthy reproduction of the cockpit and the instruments panel.

The range of simulators of EMESKIU comprises aircrafts and helicopters both for civil and military use and includes a level of homologation from FNPT 1 up to FNPT 2 MCC.  

“The introduction of innovative technologies in all the phases of development of our products allows us to offer a series of advantages in relation to the products of our competitors.” stated

Eric de Bruin. These advantages are “ High reliability, Very low maintenance and operative costs, tailor-made products and competitive prices.”

The standard products are the Cessna 172, Bell 212 and 412 helicopters, Piper Seneca III, Airbus A320. The company can add specific functions to standard products in accordance to the specific wishes of the client or even develop new simulation application.

The Flight Navigation and Procedure Trainers (FNPT) and Flight Simulators can be fully certified by the Aviation Authorities (JAR, FAA, CAA, etc)

EMESKIU is presently developing simulation applications for special flight situations such as refuelling in air for military aircraft, techniques for fire extinction by helicopter etc... These applications allow professional pilots to exercise at no risk complicated manoeuvres increasing significantly their performance on the job.

On the 28th of July of 2,006 EMESKIU was awarded by the Regional Government Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprises in the first edition of the " ANDALUSIAN SOCIETY OF THE INFORMATION AWARDS " in recognition for its work.

Emeskiu Flight Simulation Systems
Edificio Eurocei, Nave 10,
Aut Seville-Coria km 3,5
San Juan de Aznalfarache

Tel: 95 493.06.72
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