Miramar Gardens and Viewpoint, Tarifa

Views to Africa from The Miramar Gardens. © Michelle Chaplow
Views to Morocco from Miramar Gardens.

Miramar Gardens

by Chris Chaplow and Fiona Flores Watson

You can get an impressive view over the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco from the Miramar Gardens on Calle Amargura next to the Town Hall (the Ayuntamiento) in Plaza de la Ranita. The gardens are located on top of the old city walls, providing an ideal vantage point across the sea to Africa.



The elevated square and gardens themselves are not especially impressive, consisting of a rectangular paved area with long, narrow Moorish-style pools running parallel to the wall, and bordered by colourful tiling. The water feature is lit up at night, although the gardens are somewhat insalubrious after dark and are best seen by day. A number of blue and ceramic benches offer a convenient rest stop and peaceful location to take in the breathtaking view. Old iron cannons point out to sea, and the gardens are flanked by very tall palm trees.

At the opposite end to the Town Hall is an abandoned tower, part of the old walls and awaiting restoration, with an unprotected external staircase. The top of the tower is covered by thick vegetation.

Just below the garden is the aptly-named ‘Plazuela del Viento’ (Little Windy Square).

Parking near this square is impossible, so either park in the port area or in Plaza Miramar, then walk up Calle Aljaranda to these gardens, through Plazuela del Viento, continuing along Calle Amargura into the Town Hall (the Ayuntamiento) square. From the other side of this square, known as Plaza de la Ranita, walk down pretty steps known as Calle Almedina at the corner of the castle (no access), pass the eponymous café bar and head into the centre of the old town.




Defending the city. © Michelle Chaplow
Defending the city from a great strategic defensive point, looking across the sea for invaders.
The gardens overlook the quaint, Plazuela del Viento. © Michelle Chaplow
The gardens overlook the quaint Plazuela del Viento.



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