The main event for this season is the World Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championships (WFSSC) which takes place from 7 to 19 March 2017. This is the second-most important event ever to be held at Sierra Nevada, after the World Alpine Championships in 1996.

As soon as you step into Sierra Nevada village to get equipped for your day's skiing, you are overwhelmed by the amount of signs saying ´alquiler´ (ski hire) and ´escuelas´ (ski schools). Almost every rental company in the village offers ski and snowboard lessons with a variety of teachers.

With all the press devoted to sun and beaches it might be difficult to imagine taking a ski holiday in Andalucía, but Sierra Nevada in Granada makes that not only possible, but an excellent idea.

Today the Sierra Nevada ski resort is a thriving centre of activity, but little over a century or so ago, it was nothing more than an isolated area within the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Andalucia is well known for its sunshine, beaches and amazing rural and cultural attractions - but what about skiing? In fact, there is a thriving downhill skiing industry thanks to the world-class station in Sierra Nevada. Few, however, are aware that this region is also cultivating cross-country ski (also known as Nordic skiing, as opposed to Alpine - downhill), and that we have excellent athletes in training who compete not only in the south of Spain, but all over the world.

The ski season varies according to weather conditions, but is typically from late November to late April. The Sierra Nevada is the only ski resort in Andalucia is located at Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountains about 30km from Granada city. Sierra Nevada is also the name of a large National Park with is popular with walkers and tourists especially in the summer months. Read more about the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.