Plan of Sierra Nevada ski runs

Plan of Sierra Nevada ski runs

Here is a link to download the official plan of the Sierra Nevada Resort for the 2022-2023 season. It shows the nine ski areas, all the ski runs (colour coded according to dificulty) and all the different types of ski lifts (remontes). These include the two cable cars (telecabinas / gondolas), the 14 chair lifts (telesillas), the drag lift (telesqui) and the four magic carpets (alfombras magicas).

Zoom in on the PDF plan to read the names and details of the runs and lifts. This is the best plan for checking the difficulty levels of the ski slopes, and also important information such as location of pharmacies, clinics, banks and more.

Sierra Nevada Snow Report. This interactive snow report on the Sierra Nevada Ski resort website shows the ski runs that are currently open and the ski lifts that are currently operating.

Webcams from the Sierra Nevada. This page links to the resort webcams and explains their locations.

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