Practical and Technical Information

Borreguiles ski station, Sierra Nevada  © Michelle Chaplow
Borreguiles ski station, Sierra Nevada


Here you can find practical and technical information about Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, such as the location, altitude, runs, ski lifts and operating hours, snow-making facilities, ski schools and special ski activities, snowboarding, special zones, accommodation and more.


  • Nearest town: Monachil, 20 km
  • Nearest city: Granada, 31 km
  • Highest mountain peak of ski area: Veleta, 3.398 m


  • Resort base level (Pradollano): 2100 m
  • Top station: 3300 m
  • Vertical drop: 1200 m (largest in Spain)
  • Slope orientation: north/north-east


  • Number of ski areas: 9 (Veleta; Laguna de las Yeguas; Borreguiles; Lomar del Dilar; Rio Monachil; Parador; Jardín Alpino; Parque Sulayr; Pista del Mar)
  • Total distance of marked runs: 111.4km
  • Total number of runs: 133
  • Green runs (very easy, beginners' or "nursery" slopes): 20
  • Blue runs (easy): 48
  • Red runs (intermediate): 51
  • Black runs (expert): 7
  • Orange runs - Snowpark (varying levels of difficulty): 7
  • Longest run: Pista del Águila (6.253 km) 
  • Tour for intermediate skiers: 12 km (K12)
  • Cross-country circuits: 1 (2.5 km marked) 
  • Ski mountaineering routes: 2 (9.056 km total)


  • Total number of ski lifts: 21
  • Gondola lift: 2 (detachable)
  • Chair lifts: 14 (6 detachable)
  • T-bars: 1
  • Rope lifts: 1
  • Carpet lifts (conveyor belts): 4 
  • Total ski lift capacity: 45,207 skiers per hour 



Operating hours of lifts:

  • Borreguiles and Al- Ándalus góndolas: every day from 8.30 to 16.45
  • Parador chairlift: every day from 8.30 to 16.45
  • Other lifts: every day from 8.30 to 16.45
  • Gondola for night skiing: Saturday from 19.00 to 21.00
  • Chairlifts for First Tracks: Sunday from 7.30 to 9.00

Ski lifts in special areas

  • Snowpark Sulayr (see below): 2 chairlifts
  • Borreguiles Recreation Area: Mirlo Blanco: 1 carpet lift and 1 sleigh
  • Dreamland (Children's snowpark): 3 carpet lifts (one covered)
  • Nursery area: 1 carpet lift


  • Snow producing machines: 400 cannons
  • Reservoir capacity for exclusive use of snow machine: 195,000 cubic metres of water
  • Artificial snow runs: 44
  • Total km of artificial snow: 35 km


  • Number of ski schools: 15
  • Number of instructors: 400
  • Night skiing: Saturday 19.00 - 21.00 (subject to weather conditions) on Rio and Maribel runs (5.8 km)
  • First tracks (Zona Loma de Dilar/Rio): Sunday 7.30 - 9.30
  • Ski mountaineering trails: 9.056 km (El Águila and Montebajo), 950 m vertical drop


  • Snow-grooming machine ride to see sunset from Veleta Peak, for groups
  • Astronomy workshop at Borreguiles on Saturday night


Snowparks: Superpark Sulayr, plus 1 minipark (jumps and rails)

Superpark Sulayr:

  • Location: Loma de Dilar
  • Length: 1080 m (in 3 areas)
  • Width: 80 m
  • Vertical drop: 210 m
  • Cross circuit ski-cross and snowboard-cross: 750 m
  • Altitude: 2360-2625 m
  • Format: Freestyle and snowboard
  • Lifts: 2 four-seater chairlifts (Loma de Dilar and Monachil)




There are eight sectors of the snowpark, each with a selection of natural and artificial jumps and obstacles, for snowboarders and freestylers. In some cases, riders have a choice of heights so they can take the one which best suits their ability. The snowpark features the longest line in Europe, with 60 modules, including 46 in a single run, and there are 110 modules in the snowpark in total.

The routes and modules are graded and colour-coded by level of difficulty as follows, as per pistes:

  • XS: Easy (green)
  • S: intermediate (blue)
  • M: Difficult (red)
  • L: Very difficult (black)
  • XL: Extremely difficult (black)
  • XXL: Extremely difficult (superior) (black)
  • This is the longest "slopestyle" slope park in Europe.

  • Levels of difficulty: Easy XS (Minipark); Intermediate S (see 4 Sectors listed below); Very difficult XL (Pro-line Copa del Mundo)
  • Natural snow obstacles and artificial snow obstacles (painted orange and black according to difficulty) with marked routes according to level of difficulty: total 60
  • Half Pipe: (XL) 165 m in Loma de Dílar - the biggest in Spain
  • Cross circuit: Sited in Superparque Sulayr for Ski and Snowboard Cross
  • Opening hours: 10.00 - 16.30
  • Sulayr Snowpark includes an area for children to learn freeriding, Minipark, which has smaller versions of typical obstacles such as boxes and rainbows.

    Sector 1. (Intermediate)

    Downhill Rail
    Jump 4 m
    Jump 5 m
    Jump 6 m
    Rail 6-8 m + Box 6 m Combination
    Rail 6-8 m + Box 6 m Combination
    Jump 4-6 m

    Sector 2. (Intermediate)

    Jump 5 m

    Sector 3. (Intermediate)

    Rail 6 m
    Curved Rail 4 m
    Rail 4 m
    Quarter Pipe

    Sector 4. (Intermediate)

    Fun Box 3 m
    Pyramid Tube 6 m
    Downhill Box 6 m
    Transfer Double Jump 7 m

    Sector 5. (Advanced)

    Jump 8 m
    Jump 10 m
    Jump 12 m

    Sector 6. (Intermediate)

    Wall Ride Box 4 m
    Banana Box 6 m
    Banana Donkey 6 m
    Flat Rail 8 m
    Coil Downhill Rail 6 m
    Downhill-Flat-Downhill Rail 8 m
    Curved Left box 6 m
    Curved Right Box 6 m
    Rail 8 m

    Sector 7. (Very difficult, for experts only)

    Snow Half-Pipe

    Minipark: Burton Progression Park (Initiation)

    Platform A:

    Jump 2 m
    Jump 2 m
    Flat Box 2 m

    Platform B:

    Jump 2 m
    Jump 2 m
    Pump Box 3 m

    Platform C:

    Flat Box 3 m
    Downhill Box 6 m Jump 2 m

    Platform D:

    Flat Box 3 m
    Jump 2 m Fun Box 6 m

    Final Platform:

    Jump 5 m
    Uphill-Flat-Uphill San Francisco Box 6 m


    There is also an area for children to learn snowboarding tricks and freestyle: Kidspark. It is located on the side of the Loma de Dilar chairlift.


    • Floor Box
    • Flat box
    • Mini Rainbow

    Snow parks for other winter sports:

    • Borreguiles - tubing, parallel slalom, private competition hosting
    • Fuente de Mirlo (Pradollano) - "Russian sledge" (trineo ruso, Roller-sled on rails, a cross between a roller-coaster and a bob-sled, for 2 passengers: children aged 3-8 must be accompanied by an adult; nine-year-olds and above don't need to ride with an adult).
    • Toboggans, ski-bike, ski-scooter, ski-seat, slalom bike, mini-snowboarding, mini-ski, eco-friendly open-air skating rink, motorised snow-scooters for children aged 5-12 years on 70 m closed circuit next to Jara chairlift




    • Children and Family Area: Pista del Mar and Pista del Bosque in Borreguiles Area, Sat and Sun 11.30 - 13.30
    • Playground Fuente del Mirlo Blanco: "Russian sledge" and magic carpet
    • Dreamland (Snow Playground): 3 magic carpets, one of them covered, Every day 10.00 - 16.00, ages from 3 to 6


    • Nurseries: 1 (Pradollano)
    • Sports clubs: 1 (Club Deportivo Montebajo)
    • Covered car park: 2,644 spaces below Plaza de Andalucía
    • Open car parks: Los Peñones - 750 spaces next to the chairlift Virgen de las Nieves and Albergue Inturjoven. Las Sabinas - 513 spaces next to Centro de Alto Rendimiento
    • Buses: 30 spaces in Pradollano, next to covered parking


    Some useful Spanish SKI-RELATED VOCABULARY

    • remonte - ski lift
    • telecabina - gondola lift
    • telesilla - chair lift
    • telesquí - T-bar
    • telecuerda - rope lift
    • cinta transportadora/alfombra magica - carpet lift (moving conveyor belt)
    • forfait - ski pass
    • esqui de fondo - cross-country (Nordic) skiing
    • esqui de montaña - ski touring
    • pista - ski run/piste/trail
    • bache - mogul
    • More>

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